Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Styling trends: Nightstands

There is a common misconception that you only stage a home when it's for sale.  While there is proof in numbers behind staging a home for sale, the art of staging is not just for the housing market. Personally, I believe that staging your home can be just as much for you as it can be for your guests. Who wouldn't want to live in a pretty space like all the photos you see on Pinterest?

Today I would like to focus on nightstands. Styling something as simple as your nightstand can bring the bedroom together for a finished and polished look.

There are 3 Essentials to styling your nightstands:
3 Essentials: Staging Nightstands

1. Table Lamp
2. Wall Art 
3. Books

And what would a Trending Tuesday post be without some inspiration?
Here are some of my favorite styled nightstand looks:





Are these looks too picture perfect for you? I'd love to hear your thoughts on staging your home for you!

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