Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wish List Wednesday: Target

Get you're wallets ready cause today's WLW post is all about everyone's go-to store, TARGET. Target has EVERYTHING. And let me tell you - They have definitely picked up their game with their home decor section. If you've been to your local target recently... You might have noticed that they even have a small upholstery line now. [good prices AND cute stuff!]

I could talk on and on about Target all day so without talking your heads off, here you go:

Like Always, Happy Shopping!

Monday, July 29, 2013

What I Made: Monograms

Happy Monday! For those of you who know my very odd love for crafting, you know that it's more like an obsession than a hobby. Well, this weekend I put my skills to the test and I've still got it!

Here's what I did this weekend:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wish List Wednesday: Under $100

Alright, so by now everyone knows that I love Joss & Main.  My headboard from my previous posts on my bedroom is from none other than this beautiful flash sale website. Today's Wish List Wednesday will show you my favorite picks each for under $100. Enjoy!

[Woodland Imports] Just Added
1. Sinker Wall Decor
[Stylish Storage] Ending Soon!
2. Arlesy Picture Frame Wall Shelf
[55th Street Designs] Just Added
3. 3 Piece Norte Candleholder Set
4. 3 Piece Hadley Box Set
[Zodiac: Leo] Ending Soon!
5. Sabine Wall Mirror
[Traditional & Tidy] Just Added
6. Charlotte Cosmetic Carousel - Cream
[Brilliant Bedroom] Just Added
7. Dormify Arden Floral Duvet Set

Don't forget: If you see something you like or just want to browse, you can go right to the sales HERE.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Post Grad Bachelor Pad

It rhymes - yes, I know. I'm going to embrace it for this post.

You have a job, you're moving into your first apartment and your first thought is... [probably filled with a few chosen words] but mainly consists of  "I don't know the first thing about how to decorate or shop for an apartment." So, you turn to your girlfriend, mom, or whichever female you know who you think can and will [maybe] offer to help you out.

Long story short, I'm going to give all you guys [or girlfriends to pass on to the guys] a few pointers on how to shop for your first apartments.  A few things to remember, some ideas, and even some stores to help you find your "bachelor pad" style.

The Living Room
I know guys probably aren't going to go out and shop for pillows [I'm leaving that up to the girlfriends and mothers]  but the main thing to think about in these examples are the walls.

Pointer #1: Frame your sofa with whatever kind of wall art you choose
Pointer #2: You can never go wrong with sports wall hangings [framed pieces, or canvas's] 
Dining Area Pointer: Hang a mirror above your table and chairs to fill up the wall space

The Bedroom
Pointer #1: Dark Furniture is always a good choice for guys. Find a matching set [bed, nightstands, dresser]
Pointer #2: Wall Space again - you can never go wrong with framing your headboard with a wide, framed sports photo.
Pointer #3: Get a nice, neutral bedding set [yes with matching pillows] it will bring the room together

The Bathroom
Pointer #1: Adding stripes into your bathroom will give the illusion of making a small bathroom larger.
Pointer #2: Pick a color and add it as an accent to white and gray [or] browns and neutrals
Pointer #3: Add a black and white photo to a blank wall for contrast

Must Haves for Your Bathroom:
1. Please Please get a bathroom set [toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, etc.]
2. Don't forget to have a matching pair of hand towels to have hanging [and clean] at all times
Hint: Most bathrooms have a towel bar above the toilet. [perfect place for those hand towels]

Living Room
accent chair [similar@world market]
pillows, dining chairs, mirror; (Kirkland's)
coffee table [similar@ikea]; (West Elm)
wall art; (

bedding set; (Kohls)
wall art; (

wall art; (

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vote For My Design!

Please click on the image below and vote for my design!

west elm studio loft

I appreciate all of your support!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wish List Wednesday

Joss & Main... the best place [I'm very biased] for 3-day flash sales on affordable home furnishings and more! Looking through the items and the prices, my first thought was it's too good to be true. These items are affordable, [even for my post grad bank account] and I don't have to meet minimum orders to hold an account like at furniture market or even be a designer to get these deals!

So what's the catch?
[Everything is up to 70% off]
[You don't have to pay to be a member]
[They hold awesome specials on shipping]

The only catch is that before you know it, the sales are ticking down to their last minutes and you need to make your decisions quick. Which we all know brings out the impulse shopper in everyone.
[Never a bad thing in my opinion]

I've chosen a few of my favorites from today's sales! Sign up HERE and get them before the time runs out!

[Rustic Reverie] Ending Soon!
1. For everyone looking for the perfect chalkboard for your photo walls...
2. Patterned trays to make your living room, porch, or kitchen pop!
[Mixed Bag] Ending Soon!
3. The perfect nautical weekend tote
[Posh Patterns] Ending Soon!
4. Nesting side tables perfect for anyone's style
[Garden to Table] Just Added
5. You can't go wrong with these drink dispensers for any summer event!
[The Tuscan Kitchen] Just Added
6. Wine, Wine, & Wine! My roommate and I need these drink coasters!
[Brooklyn Limestone] Ending Soon!
7. I LOVE this bedding set, so simple yet sophisticated.

Side Note: The [DENY Designs] sale was just added today and they are featuring my favorite graphic artist, Valentina Ramos and her pillow/ bedding collection! Great for everyone going back to school and looking for new dorm bedding!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How To: Photo Walls

I've recently been hearing from a few friends that it's very hard to narrow down what to put on your walls without having it [1.] look tacky, and [2.] not wasting most of your existing things i.e. picture frames and wall art.

I have put together a little "How To" for today's post! Hopefully this will help everyone out there with this dilemma.  Just follow these few simple steps and you'll have yourself a nice looking classy photo wall in no time!

Remember: Don't over think it, and when in doubt, keep it simple!

Here's a little hint for those of you who are interested in the Mix & Match but are scared or don't know how to mix different items.
Tip: Download a free level app on your phone to help you hang your things!
Tip: If you're really nervous, tape out the space on the ground and lay everything out first!

Now that you have the basics down.. Here's some inspiration!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Color Splash

My bedroom finally looks like it's starting to come together! 
I know mustard yellow seems like an odd color to put in your bedroom, but it just makes me so happy to look at and I'm obsessed with how it's all coming together! Take a peek and don't be shy to comment and post if you like, love or even hate anything! 

Disclosure: I'm not in any way, shape, or form a professional photographer nor do I have an actual camera (looking into that)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Beach-y Bedroom Bliss

Charleston, South Carolina.  The ultimate beach spot where the water is always warm and the little downtown streets are filled with amazing architecture and an eclectic mixture of restaurants and shops.

One of my best friend's is moving into her first apartment with some girlfriends in the heart of Charleston come August and she's asked me to help out with her bedroom!

Here is the situation: Recent college graduate inherits an old wooden bedroom set from family but LOVES the shabby chic look of distressed furniture. All while wanting a beach bedroom getaway on a budget.

Well, with me being the crazy, crafty, do-it-yourselfer, she turned to me for help and I turned to my crafty instincts (with the help of Pinterest) and came up with a plan. (Stay Tuned: DIY Shabby Chic white wash furniture post coming soon!)

Option 1: "Beach, Beige, & Blue"

Option 2: "Serene Sea Greens"

Option 3: "Beach-y Blue Breeze"

As you might notice, Option 3 is the perfect mix between Options 1 & 2.  Together, we have found a happy medium with taking bits and pieces from each of options 1 & 2 and creating what I like to call; The "Beach-y Blue Breeze" Bedroom.

The best part about this DIY bedroom? It won't break the bank!
Quilt, Curtains; (Target)
Lamps; (World Market)
Chair; (Kirklands)
Wall Monogram; (Etsy)

To be Continued....

Monday, July 8, 2013

Pantone Celebrates

Pantone is celebrating 50 years! In celebration, they take you back in time revisiting the colors of the decades and the annual color of the year since 2000. To see the full page and all of it's details, click here.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Happy Birthday America!
I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bedroom Basics

Happy Wednesday!

Before we break out all the red white and blue for our annual Independence Day blowouts, let's cover something that happens more than you would think.  You move into your new apartment right after graduation and you are faced with one problem.  Your walls are white.  Can I paint them? Well, not in most cases. When dealing with this ever so typical issue, I have four items that can quickly disguise this issue without breaking the bank!
1. Colorful Bedspread/ Color theme for bedding
2. Coordinating color window curtains
3. Medium to Large sized Rug
4. Large wall decor piece

Keeping with the Pantone color of the day "Shell Coral", I chose a rustic coral arrangement as an example!  The venetian bedspread and 5' round rug are from World Market.  You can find the window curtains at West Elm, and the metal wall art from Kirklands.

Don't be afraid to play with materials and mix and match different textures! After all, that's one of the many things that keeps the fun in design!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Post Grad Bedroom

Every girl wants a sophisticated post grad bedroom to enjoy whether they have a "Big Girl" job or are waitressing to get by.  It doesn't matter if you have your own apartment, or moved back home with mom and pops, you're still gonna feel the need to spruce up your life a little. For me, it was my bedroom in my new apartment.  It's coming along slowly (due to lack of funds and expensive taste) but I'm working on it and I'll make sure to post pictures once it's all put together! Here's a little sneak peak of what I have in store for my bedroom.

I'm hooked on the mustard yellow paired with whites and grays.  I'm also going for a serene, bold, bohemian feel to the room.  That might sound like a mess, but I have confidence that it'll work great!  If your asking where most of this is from, I'll tell you.  First things first, you can never go wrong with Ikea Furniture when starting out post grad.  It's affordable and has a younger look to it that works for anyone with any style.  The gray writing desk, white dresser, and white side tables are all from ikea. The grey upholstered headboard was from a Joss & Main flash sale (70% off Woo!) Window treatments, yellow pillow arrangement, throw blanket, and my white duvet are all from non other than, West Elm. The custom gray monogrammed pillow is from a cute little etsy shop, and I'll have to say Target will take the rest.

More pictures to come!

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello!! I'm going to start off by saying that I've been wanting to start a design blog for a while now. Well, I'm finally doing it! This blog will be everything design; interior design, colors, trends, patterns, ideas, inspiration, anything you can think of design, it will be covered here.  Now that I am graduated with my design degree and working hard with my job as an interior designer/furniture designer, I'm still finding that I have way too much time on my hands living the post grad life.

I'm very excited that this blog will be my outlet to keep track of and share anything and everything design.  Enjoy!