Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Will someone please tell me where 2013 went? I seemed to have lost it.

But really - I feel like this past year has been a complete blur.  Anyone with me? Well, I've accomplished a lot this past year and I am so happy with where my life is headed! But I must say, I'm very excited to see what 2014 has in store!

A look back at my 2013:
I graduated college with my degree in Interior Design.
Not to mention with some of my best friends by my side.

I lived with 3 of my best friends for our last year at college!
We lived together in our apartment [long live 401] and in the design building [the black hole of norton]

I got a job doing what I love - With an office [Woo!]
And yes, those are fake plants... they came with the office.

I moved to this amazing city that I now call home!

I attended my first ever NFL football game [more than one actually]
Thanks to my roommate and her job for giving her tickets!

I started an Etsy Shop! [here]
It's still a work in progress...

And of course, I started this blog!
It's been so exciting and I love blogging I can't thank everyone enough for supporting me and reading my posts each day! Especially my mom and dad for being my number one fans!  [And Emily for being my editor and opinion-giver when I can't stare at a screen any longer]

Now go get wild tonight!!
This is available for download at The Kinch Life Blog - This is my background on my laptop and my iPhone. I'm obsessed with it! Check out all of her freebie downloads here!

Happy New Year - See you all in 2014!

Monday, December 30, 2013

New Years Eve Glam

Hello Hello! I'm sure by now everyone knows that Target is my go-to store. Or, [my main bitch] as I like to call it.. That store literally has everything. Find one with a supermarket in it and you've just hit gold.

And, As we all know the big day night is around the corner... [NEW YEARS EVE]
[Insert Annie "Tomorrow" music here]

No matter what your plans are, I'm sure you can't help but stop by for a few last minute things. Why not check out my NYE glam picks and maybe grab a little somthin' somethin' while you're at it.. Not to mention I got my NYE dress at the golden store we like to call Target. Proof that the store can fill up your bar cart, fridge, host a dinner party, and dress the hostess all at the same time.

And when I say [a little somthin' somethin'] I'm talking about my these:
NYE Glam

On a side note, I have the black and gold Nate Berkus Pillow and I'm obsessed with it. Feel free to click around and use the bottom images for more information! Happy Shopping!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

instagram: @emma_newell

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and enjoyed their Holidays with Friends and Families! So Excited for what the New Year has in Store for Defined Designs!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Free Shipping!

Did you know that yesterday was National Free Shipping Day? I don't know who came up with that one... But whoever you are - I'd like to give you a big pat on the back. [insert hand clapping emoji here] Yesterday I purchased a Gorgeous statement necklace for my NYE outfit. [Originally $48 - Paid $14 with yep, FREE SHIPPING. BOOM]

So friends, if you missed it, don't you worry. It's not over. Whether you are still looking for those last minute christmas gifts for friends and family. Or you want to do some shopping for yourself. [Santa won't mind..]

Here's the Scoop:
[Crate & Barrel] Free Shipping & Christmas delivery
Order before noon Dec. 20th here
[Anthropologie] Standard Shipping & Christmas Delivery
Order before 1pm Today here
[CB2] Free Shipping & Christmas delivery
Order before noon Dec. 20th here
[Target] Free Shipping & Christmas Delivery
Order by Today here

[World Market] Free Shipping on $100 or more CODE: JINGLES
Christmas Delivery for only $9.95
24 Days of Deals here
[Wisteria] Holiday Shipping Schedule here
Countdown to Christmas Deals here
[West Elm] Holiday Shipping Schedule here
40% off throws through Dec. 20th here
[Hint Hint: MOM & DAD]

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Traditional vs. Modern

The Holiday season is a time for giving, friends, family, fun, and spiked eggnog. But you can't forget everything that leads up to the giving, family and of course - alcohol. From the minute thanksgiving is over all the way up to Christmas Eve the decorating is in full swing. But the question in my mind when it comes to decorating for the holidays: [Traditional or Modern] 

For me, I'd like a little mix of both, but we all know thats hard to pull off. [and make it look good] Traditional holiday decor just feels like home to me, so you can never go wrong, but modern decor has such a bright and merry flare to it that you can't help but feel happy when surrounded by it.

Well, Put on your elf ears and take a seat because we are going to spend today hashing out the greatest aspects of Traditional and Modern Holiday decor! [Want to make a colorful ornament wreath like pictured above? Visit Four Generations One Roof for all the details on this fun and easy DIY project!]

As for the Traditional Decorations:

And for everyone loving the Modern/Non-traditional decorations:

[Traditional] 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
[Modern] 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

And for everyone [like me] in an apartment this season; The prettiest Charlie Brown tree ever.

Any thoughts or preferences?? How is your home decorated this Holiday Season?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror Mirror on the wall.... Well, thats what the storybooks say. Speaking of mirrors; Today's trend alert will have plenty of mirrors on the wall but they aren't just for hanging anymore. Here's some inspiration on just a few of my favorite ways to use mirrors.  Some unique and some traditional. Mirrors are easy to find at almost any store, so why not use them creatively??

This Mid-Century Modern look is not so Mid Century anymore. This look is easy to achieve with an inexpensive full length mirror.  Just hang it the other direction and use it to frame a piece of furniture.

Mirrored furniture is a unique way to bring mirrored accents into your home without hanging your typical mirror on the wall.  This small mirrored chest of drawers is also doubling as a nightstand. It brings out the black trim in the bed linens.

Talk about oversized... This oversized mirror brings a neutral colored room to life.  The "blah" effect that is always associated with browns and neutrals is no more with all the light that bounces off of this focal piece.

On the complete opposite side of oversized mirrors, this wall features a variety of small mirrors.  Imitating a photo wall it creates a shabby chic feel to the arrangement and entire room.

Did you know that mirrors are a good way to make a small room look larger?  This is an optical illusion that is also created in this bedroom.  The fully mirrored walls create the illusion that the room is a lot larger than it's actual size and the antiqued mirror brings in a warmer light than a crisp mirror. 

Decorative mirrors can come in all shapes and sizes.  This decorative mirror adds a little more flair to this bathroom than a basic vanity mirror would have.  

My favorite type of decorative mirror right now [along with most other people] is the timeless sunburst mirror. You can find them in all different shapes, sizes and price ranges.
And if you want a little more variety to choose from check out the selection from Better Homes and Gardens!

Want to see more mirror trends? Check out my [Mirror Mirror] Pinterest board for unlimited inspiration! There's even a few DIY Mirror ideas in there!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Tabletop Trends: Christmas

Let me take you back a minute to my thanksgiving post on Tabletop Trends.
Alright, now that you're caught up.. lets get started with the Christmas version of that post.

Entertaining seems to be a prerequisite for the holidays. Whether you're hosting your family's Christmas feast, or you're just having a holiday dinner party with your girlfriends - Here's a few tricks and tips that'll have everyone noticing the table! [not to mention they'll notice your craftiness]

 Use extra ornaments to create a unique centerpiece like this.

 Spray paint pine cones for a centerpiece.

 Have extra boxes laying around that your not wrapping presents with? Wrap them up anyways and place them on the table as another type of centerpiece.

Speaking of extras... Wrap some candles up with candy canes and ribbon for table settings.

 Paint everyone's name on an ornament and use them as name tags for seats & place settings.

Turn wine glasses upside down and tie holiday ribbon around the stems for a simple place setting.

 Modern & Traditional ways to hold silverware settings.
[1] Cut a tree out of construction paper or felt to hold silverware
[2] Tie up a napkin and silverware with festive ribbon or twine

Already have plans for the table? Tie some extra large ribbon around the chairs with a bow in the back to make them more festive for the holidays!

For more ideas check out my [Winter Wonderland] pinterest board.  It has everything you could possibly think of for holiday decorating!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sunglasses & Snowmen

Today I'm very excited to bring you this DIY holiday project that I whipped up in a few short hours with minimal supplies.  Last night I attended a holiday meet-up with the local charlotte bloggers and it was so much fun. But when I heard it was an ornament exchange I got all giddy with the thought of being able to get creative and crafty for it.

So, I rounded up a few extra pairs of sunglasses my roommate had laying around (she has boxes of these things!) And then I broke out my sorority happy box from college...
As you can see, this thing has EVERYTHING a DIY-er can dream of inside it.  [not to mention it weighs about 50 lbs.]

Don't get intimidated here, there are only a few supplies needed: 
cheap/ old sunglasses
white acrylic paint
ribbon of choice
black fabric paint [could also use a paint pen]
clear glitter fabric paint
quick hold super glue
mod podge
small buttons [optional]

[Watch this carefully... this is so easy it will be over if you blink]
Paint the lenses white

Draw the face with black paint/paint pen & a smile made of 'coal' [like the song]
Glue on the buttons  OR draw them on if you don't have buttons!

Tie the ribbon around the nosepiece | glue in place
Glue the hanging ribbon in place and the top ear section [pictured]

Seal with mod podge | let it dry

Put the lenses back in after everything is dried completely! [I let mine dry overnight to be sure] I also added a small, sparkly bow to the top of my 'snowgirl' to make her more feminine

This ornament was a hit at the blogger ornament exchange! I was so nervous it was going to be lame, wondering if I should have just bought an ornament.  Well, I worried for no reason because everyone loved it and Jaime of Sunflowers and Stilettos is the proud owner of my handmade ornament :)

[So happy to meet all of these amazing ladies last night! Can't wait for the next meet-up!]

Would you make this for your tree this holiday?