Friday, February 28, 2014

Rustic Chic: Part Two

If you joined me yesterday and you've been waiting eagerly for part two of this South Carolina apartment, the wait is over! My whole idea behind a two part post is logical. I promise.  I like to keep my posts short and right to the point no matter what it's about.  Some are shorter or longer than others, but who wants to sit down and read a novel during their lunch break? I've found that short sweet, and straight to the point is the perfect recipe for happy readers!

So here it is. Part two, the bedroom.


Like the look but don't know if you could pull it off with all the mixing and matching involved? Here's a little spread of ideas to give you a little boost on creating your own rustic chic look!
Create the Look: Rustic Chic

Shop the Look:

What do you think - Would you like to live in this apartment? If you find yourself lost and don't know what to do with your space, feel free to contact me at for all or any of your design help, advice or needs!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rustic Chic Apartment

Happy Thursday, friends! Today I have another exciting post for you all.  This weekend I went to visit a friend from college and I helped her transform her adorable South Carolina apartment into a sophisticated space fit for a grad student.  With the the rustic elements, wooden furniture, and the shabby chic mixing and matching, we're calling this apartment "Rustic Chic"
Note: This is only Part One to this post.  Stay tuned for Part Two tomorrow!

Before (the process of moving in)

Living Room:

Dining Room:
I'm sure we can all imagine the amount of studying that goes into being a successful grad student, right? This dining room space will double as a desk/study area when the extra table space is needed to cram for exams.

Now, If you've made it this far [which I hope you have] you're in for a treat.  I tested my skills in creating a gallery wall for the hallway/living room area and let me tell you it came out amazing! Everyone loves it - I also think it creates a great focal wall for the apartment and LOVE how it mixes so well with the delicacy of the other walls!

Hint on how to create your own gallery wall:
Clear a space on the floor and lay out your artwork against a tape measure set to the desired width you wish to create.  I used the exact width of the console table in the images above. [48"]
We also got creative with the metal hanging piece which is actually a plant holder.

Does this make you want to take on the challenge of creating your own gallery wall?  Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see whats in store for Part Two of this South Carolina apartment!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Joss & Main: under $300

I haven't featured Joss & Main in a while so I feel like today is the perfect time for a come back. Don't get me wrong I still love Joss & Main, and they always have amazing sales. There are so many amazing stores and deals out there that I'm still working on a schedule for my Wish List Wednesday store features! Any ideas on how I can organize my WLW posts? Am I doing a good job so far?

Getting back to business: today's only theme is Joss & Main. The.Best. Flash.Sale.Website. in my opinion anyways.  Take a look at my finds for this week's sales and you'll see why its such a good online store.

Can you believe all of these items are each under $300?? These items are great to mix and match and will be sure to vamp up any space your having trouble with or even if you just need something new!
Joss & Main: under $300

Shop these Joss & Main Finds:

Stay tuned the rest of this week! I've got some pretty exciting things coming up!

Monday, February 24, 2014


I have been loving all kinds of colors recently but the one color I haven't been able to get off my mind is mint.  As it was featured in the Pantone Spring 2014 color report, it's been all over the shelves in the stores no matter where you go. So, today I couldn't help but share my current fascination with everything mint.

Here's my Mintspiration:
[via Picklee]

What colors are you loving these days?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Rustic Charm Entry Way

I was so happy that I received such great reviews from everyone on my first look for less! Remember the home office I recreated for under $500? I had so much fun with that post, so here's another one.  Everyone underestimates the entry way to a house. No matter where you live, just an added touch of style to a small space like the entry way will help welcome all of your guests with such warmth into your home. Ever heard of the saying "don't judge a book by it's cover"? With a rustic entry way like this it'll be hard not to!

Today I'm also staying true to my love for Target [And their new Spring 2014 collection] You can see first hand how I pulled together a variety of items from target to recreate this amazing entry way. And how much you ask? You can recreate this beautiful look for under $450!

The Space:
[via The Everygirl]

Look for Less: Rustic Entry Way

Console: Overstock | $193.00
Mirror: Target | $40.00
Lamp: Target | $45.00
Lamp Shade: Target | $25.00
Metallic Vase: Target | $23.00
Picture Frame: Target | $10.00
Decorative Flowers: Target | $13.00
Bird: Target | $10.00
White Stripe Basket: Target | $20.00
Basket with Handles: Target | $14.00
Glass Dome: Target | 20.00
TOTAL: $413.00

Want to recreate this look but on a tighter budget? Most of these items are very easy to find at places like HomeGoods, Marshalls, or TJMaxx - Unfortunately their stores vary so much that they don't have online profiles! This is a great look that can easily be recreated in many different ways with other decorative items and colors! Have fun with this and go browse the shelves and see what you can get for a steal!

Shop the Look:

What do you think? Could you recreate this in your home?