Monday, January 6, 2014

Front Door Decor: Bathroom Reno

Today I bring to you another exciting post! I've been wanting to bring this idea to life for a while now but it's been quite the work in progress.  Long story short friends of mine are doing some renovations on their home and they were willing to take me on and let me try this out to help them.

Front Door Decor
The perfect design aid by an interior designer [me] to help today's DIY-er complete their project. Everyone knows DIY's are the new hot thing. Whether it's restoring an old dresser, painting a bedroom and getting some new draperies, or going all the way and taking on a DIY kitchen reno. Or in this case - A full on Bathroom Makeover!

After a few days of constant communication, photos, and a little Q&A... a package will be arriving at their door today. What is in this package you ask? How could myself in North Carolina help my friends renovate their bathroom all the way in Ohio? Well, this package contains a complete budget with extra options, where to shop, renderings, paint samples, and more.

Intrigued? Here's a little sneak peek at what their bathroom could look like:
Bathroom Renovation

Paint Options:
[Disclaimer: these are my preferences. I would most likely choose the chocolate mousse color if it were my personal bathroom] The great part about Front Door Decor is that all of my decisions and preferences are merely options.  I look at them as guidelines to help point the client in the right direction.

But it doesn't stop there.  I will be available for any extra questions or help that is needed along the way. Their renovation process has just begun! I am excited to see what they decide and how their new bathroom looks! Stay tuned for an update on this Bathroom Reno!

I am looking forward to evolving front door decor in the future and offering my services to anyone who needs a little DIY boost!


  1. Oh my goodness! Give me that mirror, please! Great post, Emma! New follower over here! xo

  2. Thanks Khala! The mirror was already purchased by the friends who are doing the renovations but I knew it had to be the focal point of the bathroom! It's from Hobby Lobby!


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