Friday, January 24, 2014

A Look Inside: Jenna Lyons

Everyone has a curiosity bone inside of them. For me, I'm always wondering what celebrities homes look like. I love getting my monthly Architectural Digest Magazine so I can see inside different stars houses and see their style and taste.

Domino has recently featured the home of someone who's name may not ring a bell but the company she works for says it all. J.Crew Wouldn't you be just as curious to see the home style of J.Crew's Creative Director? 

Full Disclosure: I don't normally like to share celebrities homes and home tours on my blog.  I love to look at them, but why show something that is outrageously expensive and impossible for the everyday person to achieve in their own home?
The spirit of my blog is to show, assist and inspire my readers that anyone [with any budget] can make their home beautiful. In this case however, Jenna's home is so simple, classy and beautiful that while some of the items inside might have a pricey tag, the same look can still be achieved by anyone looking for this vintage glam look.

Here is a peek inside Jenna Lyon's home:
[All images via Domino]
Read the entire feature on here.
Obsessed is an understatement.  I love the herringbone wood floor in the tub room. For anyone looking for a dramatic, yet classic look like this - Don't be afraid to go bold and dark on the walls.  Everything else can brighten up the room on it's own!

Too Scared to paint everything? Try a dark charcoal accent wall in your bedroom and adjust to it from there. What inspiration would you take from Jenna's home to bring into yours?

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