Friday, August 30, 2013

DIY Bathroom Shelf Organization

Happy Friday! This past weekend I decided to get creative to get some of the clutter off of my bathroom vanity.
Here it is:

For those of you who love jewelry [and have lots of it] you know that those bracelets can get pretty messy when you pile them up in a bowl or on you're counter. This DIY project is really easy and anyone could do it [I promise]

Heres what you need:

Picture Ledge [White | Black]
[NOT SHOWN] have a few thumb tacks and a hammer handy!

You can most likely locate the cup hooks at your local Lowe's/ Home Depot/ Walmart [They come in a little package of 10-20ish] But before you rush to for your wallets...

Here's the do's and don'ts:
Please Please [Please] Don't make this mistake. If you get the screw eye hooks, you might be able to tell... [but you won't be able to hang anything] This might sound silly, but trust me - This is a common mistake!

Now that you have all of your supplies:
1. Measure the length of the bottom [underneath] of the shelf
2. Mark out the spots where you are going to put your hooks [I put mine 3" apart from each other with 6 hooks ]
3. Use your thumb tacks and hammer to start holes in each of your marked spots.
4. Twist the hooks into those holes.

Once you have your finshed product, you can hang it on the wall! HINT:[You can download a free level app on you're iphone to help hang it evenly]

Love this DIY mini project and want to try it yourself? [Email me images of your project and show me how you've done it!]

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Geometric Patterns

Trend Alert: Geometric Patterns
I know we all love patterns, especially geometric patterns. So here is today's post. I'm sure when you think of geometric patterns your first thought [for most of you] is.. CHEVRON.


Yes? No? Well, it was a good guess because chevron is one of THE BIGGEST design & fashion trends right now. You probably have an item or two [or five] in your closet with a chevron pattern. And it's even seen in interior design, sometimes good [sometimes not so good]

The real question today is - [How much is too much?] & [How to mix geometric patterns properly] Let's start out with TOO MUCH.


Are you dizzy yet? Here's some geometric patterns used the right way

Like what you see? I've even included where to find some of these items and their "look-a-likes"

[3] | [4]
yellow pillows [similar] | rope lamp [similar & similar]
[5] | [6]
striped rug [similar] | striped duvet [similar] | headboard [similar]
[6] | [7]
pinstripe duvet [similar] | aztec pillow [similar] | shower curtain [similar]

Monday, August 26, 2013

Thrifty Finds: Going Gold

Happy Monday! It's time for my first weekly series [Yippee!]

I'd like to give myself a little pat on the back for being on point with my free time this weekend. Most of you might be thinking I'm crazy and maybe a little weird when you hear that I spent most of my weekend watching Netflix, crafting, and re-arranging my bedroom. But then for those of you who know me well, you're probably thinking... [Such a typical Emma move, I could have guessed that from a mile away] Guilty.

Don't you worry though... Now that I've jumped on the Blogger Bandwagon - I took pictures. I took a trip to my local thrift store this weekend and spent a whopping $5.75 What did I find?

Next order of business - What did I do to this heap of junk I found at the thrift store?

I grabbed some Metallic Gold spray paint and went to town!
[Quick Fix]

What do you think about my thrifty finds? Would you take an extra minute to look through your local thrift store after seeing these? I hope I've inspired some of you to go see what you can find!

Remember when I posted about my new Etsy Shop?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blog Update

What's going to be new on the blog?
I'm going to attempt a few different weekly series. If you're a dedicated reader, [Which for my sake, I hope you are :)] You're going to start seeing posts like these around here

This is either going to work and get me into a routine. [fingers crossed] Or I could forget that I attempted to start this and it will [fail miserably]

Wish me luck!

Monday, August 19, 2013

My Weekend

Long story short, I started an Etsy Shop!

I'm just getting started, so it's not as stocked as it should be BUT - this weekend I took a trip to Michaels [I really wish there was a Hobby Lobby closer to my apartment] And I turned an $80 trip into a $60 trip! [Gotta love coupons!!]

Heres what I bought:

After the shopping trip - I got to work drawing and painting! If you're a little lost, I'll fill you in... Yes, I may have graduated from college already, but I've recognized that I haven't gotten the crafting sorority girl out of me yet. This has led me to the start of my Etsy shop. [Don't forget to check the sidebar for my Etsy button]

Here's what I created this weekend:

Make sure to check my shop over the next few weeks!
I will be working hard and getting paint everywhere to keep it stocked!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wish List Wednesday: Back to Basics

It's that time of week! Today's wish list wednesday comes to you with not only some shopping finds, but some design tips as well!
Rugs. Rugs. Rugs. Not only so many options, but also so many sizes..
1. Dana | 2. Aliso | 3. Anu | 4. Chevron
5. Amallah | 6. Leila | 7. Simone | 8. Cavaro

Found something you like? Here's some ideas and inspiration for you:

1. Sofa | Chevron 
Have a large living space and need something to bring it to life? Add a large geometric patterned rug to the space to tie in with colorful pillows.
Have a colorful bedspread and need something to make it work? Add a similar color rug in a solid or minor pattern.
Have a simplistic white bedspread & other furniture and want to spice it up? Add a colorful rug, patterned rug.

Well my friends, as much as I'd like to take the credit - Let's be honest... Joss & Main did it again.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Fashion Inspired Design

Take a minute to think about your Pinterest account. I'm sure most of you have a style board titled "My dream closet" or "My style" [or something more clever, but along those lines..]

So I'm sure we all know those boards are filled with images like these:

Am I right? So now that I have your mind on fashion, take a look at this little number I put together:

I'm hoping that you're now catching on to the color scheme for today's post. One of my close friends [and now fellow charlotte resident] is dying to revamp her bedroom and has asked that I help her out with this one.

Her two requests:
[Reuse most of her decor and items in her room now, just switch it up a little]
[Navy color scheme without making it seem too nautical]

This came together pretty quickly for me considering the amount of time we spend shopping together, and not to mention the nautical navy striped Michael Kors bag that she found at TJMaxx and couldn't let go of  [I convinced her not to buy it and she's still dreaming about it] So, when she asked me to put something together for her and then added that she wanted navy, all I could think of was that bag.

So, there it was - Navy stripes. I needed to add another color to take away from the oh so nautical aspect of Navy & White stripes, so I resorted to thinking about clothing and fashion. I asked myself.. [What colors would I wear with navy and white stripes?] With a little searching on Pinterest, [pinning a few hundred fashion images] and some online window shopping at my favorite local stores [west elm & target] I had managed to put together a bedroom that wont break the bank, and fits all of what she's looking for  in her bedroom. [Not to mention how many overly excited comments and text messages I got back]

[Target] Chair | Throw Blanket | Pillow [without monogram] | Picture Frame [for custom monogram]
[West Elm] Duvet Cover | Pillows

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wish List Wednesday: Furniture Finds

Happy Wednesday! Today you are going to be so surprised at my Wish List finds from none other than TARGET. Let's talk furniture... It's expensive. You don't know where to go to buy it. You can never find something you like just enough. And lets face it, [you're not going to spend outrageous amounts of mulah on something you might not want in a year or two]

Do you remember last week when I firmly stated that Target has stepped up their game? Well, I'll say it again - Target has stepped up their game.

I present to you, today's [WLW]:

Whats the best part?  None of these will break the bank! Enjoy!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Burlap & Bows

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Besides my obvious shopping filled weekend [refer to my last post] I managed to squeeze in some minor crafting to continue the never ending design of my bedroom.

Here's what I got carried away with this weekend:

With a roll of burlap from the ever so trusty Michael's Craft Store [the closest hobby lobby was a far drive and too much traffic - and those who know my love affair with "hob lob" know I'm dying inside] and a fired up hot glue gun - These [once hideous] lamp shades got the most adorable makeover!

All in all, my ultimate announcement would be that it's official. I'm becoming a southern belle. [kinda]  While my northern style of aggressive driving habits has yet to change, my bedroom now includes an oversized monogram [see post here] and bows.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Time to go Shopping!

It's Tax Free Weekend!! [in North Carolina that apologies if you are out of state]

Seeing all of the advertisements, commercials, and signage all over the lovely queen city this week, I can tell it's going to be big. [and don't get me started on how excited I am] So, this morning I did a little digging hoping to convince myself not to spend all of my paycheck on my shopping habits.. [sorry mom, didn't work]

Here's what I found out:
Tax Free Weekend starts at 12:01am on Friday... Thats today!
Charlotte, NC has the highest sales tax in NC... excuse me?
This is the last tax free weekend NC will offer - Must take advantage of this!

So basically if anyone needs me this weekend.... I'll be shopping. And if you're anywhere in or near North Carolina - I hope you'll be doing the same.