Tuesday, April 14, 2015

5 Easy Faux Marble DIYs

The look of marble is very on-trend right now. Marble countertops, marble cutting boards, white marble vases and decorative bowls... it's all over the decor world. The bad part? It's expensive. And being a natural stone, it's expensive because of just that. It's hard to come by, takes a whole 'lotta resources, and it's quite the process to get it to the state that us consumers want to purchase it at. But what if I told you that you could get that marble look in some ways that won't break the budget?

I love nothing more than a good DIY thats just as useful as it is pretty. But then again, who doesn't? Well, add in the golden word of DIY's; e-a-s-y and I don't know about you but I'm sold. You don't have to tell me twice! Without any further hesitation, here are my 5 favorite faux marble DIY's.

Faux Marble Decor DIY
Faux Marble Decor DIYFaux Marble Decor DIY

Faux Marble Decor DIY

Faux Marble Decor DIY

All DIY's are featured on the links below

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tips & Tricks on Tackling a Furniture Makeover

Define your home furniture makeover DIY

Hello, Hello! I'm so excited for today! Not only because we're jumping right into the #DefineYourHome series... but today I'm covering everything you need to know to tackle a furniture makeover with Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof! If you have a DIY itch that you just can't seem to scratch, then sit right down and stay a while. Whether it's your first time taking on a furniture makeover, or you just want to know how a pro makes it look so easy - then Jenna is your girl.

Jenna writes the blog Rain on a Tin Roof and let. me. tell. you. She is wonder woman when she has a paintbrush in her hand! I had the chance to ask her a few questions and had her share her secrets so you can tackle that furniture makeover you've been thinking about with pride. Then you can head over to her blog for all of the furniture & DIY inspiration that any person can need! You can find all of her furniture makeovers here. But before we get to the Q&A, check out my favorite makeovers from Jenna:

Define your home furniture makeover DIY
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

DD: Is there a certain process you like to stick with when refinishing a piece of furniture?
        Jenna: Sand first (if needed), clean, prime (if needed), paint, top coat (if needed). See all those "if needed's"? Every piece is different. Not all pieces need sanding. If they don't, always clean the piece first. If the piece has a shiny finish, definitely prime it. Most all pieces will need to be primed unless you are using a paint that typically doesn't require priming. Paint in multiple, light coats. Don't glob it on - that will ruin your paint job! If you are painting a piece that will see a lot of use, definitely use a top coat.
Rain on a Tin Roof furniture DIY
{photo via Rain on a Tin Roof}

DD: What type of paint/ tools can you not live without when it comes to your makeover projects?
        Jenna: Last fall, I discovered the Velvet Finishes paint line and I can't say enough good things about it. It's my new go-to furniture paint. With it, most pieces don't require priming or a topcoat. I also love my electric palm sander when I have to sand a piece - it makes the process go so much faster. And on those rare occasions where I have to strip a piece of furniture, I love my heat gun. For large pieces, I will use my paint sprayer to drastically cut down on time. If I don't use my paint sprayer, I high quality paint brush is a must.

DD: If there was one product that you could recommend to a first-timer to pick up for their first project, what would it be?
        Jenna: A Velvet Finishes paint. It's next to impossible to screw up a paint job with it.
Rain on a Tin Roof furniture DIY
{photo via Rain on a Tin Roof}

DD: What are the most common problems you run into when taking on a new makeover project? How do you prepare to fix them?
        Jenna: It will always take longer than expected - always. Even though, I've done countless furniture makeovers, it never fails I always think I'll have a new one knocked out in a day or so. NEVER HAPPENS! Always allow for more time than you think. It's probably going to take more coats than you think too. Make sure you've got enough time and paint on hand. 

DD: What is your favorite furniture makeover project you've done to date?
        Jenna: Oh my word. For me, that's like asking a mother of 10 who her favorite child is! haha! If i have to choose, it would be this chair makeover. It's a simple black, white and green combination, but it's still very bold.
Rain on a Tin Roof furniture DIY
{photo via Rain on a Tin Roof}

DD: If you could give one piece of advice to a first-timer, what would it be?
        Jenna: Don't be scared! Painting furniture is probably much easier than you think! Start with a piece that you won't care to mess up and that is smaller in scale. You may just be surprised how much you rock at this furniture painting thing!

I think it's time for me to take on a new project! Do you have a piece of furniture that you've been wanting to makeover?

This post is a part of the #DefineYourHome series by Defined Designs. The series is meant to bring inspiration, knowledge, and ideas to you for getting your home in top notch shape and ready for entertaining this summer. I encourage everyone to share a space in your home or something you took home with you from this series on social media using the hashtag #DefineYourHome

Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Favorites

DIY Easter Eggs

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 similar here // 6

One of the things that brings me back to being a kid this time of year is dying easter eggs. I always loved picking out the colors and dunking eggs in the cups just to see the pretty colors show up on the eggs. Being a naturally creative person, I can only imagine how much trouble I could have gotten myself into if Pinterest had been around back when I was deciding which crazy colors to mix and make years ago.

In honor of the Easter Bunny coming this weekend, I've gathered my favorite non-traditional easter eggs. I think I have some decorating to do this weekend!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tips and Tricks to Hiring a Paint Contractor

Painting your home

Happy Thursday! Did you check out the first day of the #DefineYourHome series? Since this series is all about inspiration & information on all things home, home decor, and home improvements, why not keep the series going with some tips and tricks for home improvement?! {say that 10x fast} I had the opportunity to sit down with a local painting contractor here in Charlotte, called Cardinal Pro Painters and pick their brains on everything house painting.

For those of you who just don't have the DIY skills, or maybe even the time to get up on that ladder and paint your home... this one is for you! If you aren't local to Charlotte - I've had Cardinal Pro Painters spill the beans on how to find a painting contractor and what to look for in one. If you are local to Charlotte - You're in luck! Cardinal Pro Painters has offered Defined Designs readers a 10% discount on all jobs! All you have to do is mention to your estimator that you saw this post after you have received your estimate. (Offer valid until 1/1/16 and only on jobs over $1,200.00) Offer will be applied on estimate sheet.

Check them out here!
House Painters in Charlotte
{photos via Cardinal Pro Painters}

DD: Tell us a little bit about Cardinal Pro Painters. What sets you apart from other painting contractors in Charlotte?
        Cardinal Pro Painters: Cardinal Pro Painters offers it's customers peace of mind. We are fully insured, licensed, EPA lead certified, BBB accredited, and offer our customers a written 2 year warranty. I believe that any homeowner hiring a painting contractor should ask to see these documents before starting any work on their home. We also give our customers a detailed and specific estimate outlining the prep process involved for their job, the number of coats that will be applied on all surfaces, and the type of material that will be used.

Our customers look to us for our craftsmanship, cleanliness, and professionalism. If these are the traits someone is looking for in a painting company, then the should always read online reviews from past customers and not the self-published "testimonials" on the company's own website. Unlike other painting contractors, CPP does not ask for upfront deposits to start a job. We only ask for payment after the entire job is finishes to our customer's complete satisfaction.

DD: How often should a homeowner repaint their home exterior?
        Cardinal Pro Painters: This depends on many factors. One is location. If you live near the coast, then the harsh elements (sand, salt, wind, and intense sun) will cause your paint to fade much quicker and you will likely need repainting every 2-3 years to look it's best. Here in the Carolinas, the cold winters and humid summers make paint start to look tired after about 5-6 years. Another factor is the quality of the paint used. If your house does not have much shade to protect it from the sun, then we strongly suggest going with a higher-end product to have a long lasting paint job. Finally, the labor involved makes a big difference too. Using the best paint will not do you much good if adequate surface preparation is not done to your exterior. This involves power washing, caulking, sanding down where needed, and replacing any rotted wood. Your painting contractor should be able to do all of that for you and then apply two coats of paint. Two coats is always recommended. Applying only one coat may save you some money and look fine when you put it up, but it will degrade much faster and require another paint job sooner. This will cost you more money in the long run.

DD: How long should they expect the painting process to take?
        Cardinal Pro Painters: This is a very good question to ask your painting contractor. And the answer is very different for every home. Your contractor should have the manpower needed to get the job done on your schedule and time constraints. Our crews typically consist of 3-4 painters. Full interior repaints usually last 5-6 days, and full exterior repaints usually last 3-4 days. This is considering an average size house and painting all previously painted surfaces with 2 coats. If our customers have a tighter schedule, than we will get the job done faster by using 2 (or more) crews for an additional fee.

DD: Do you provide color selections? If so, how do you go about helping a client select colors for their home?
        Cardinal Pro Painters: It is ultimately the homeowner's responsibility to choose colors as not everyone likes (or even sees) the same colors. Our estimators do bring a color book for our customers to browse through. We can suggest which colors to use on what walls and how to choose accent walls so that they can compare the colors and decide which ones they want to go with.

Cardinal Pro Painters
{photo via Cardinal Pro Painters}
DD: What should homeowners do around the house to make sure they are prepared for your company to come paint? Interior/ Exterior?
        Cardinal Pro Painters: We only ask that pets be kept away form the areas we will be working in (for their safety) and that no other contractors be working in the same area. We figure in moving a customer's furniture and wall decorations to the center of the room in our estimates.

What type of home improvements are on your spring cleaning list this year? How are you going to define your home?

This post is a part of the #DefineYourHome series by Defined Designs. The series is meant to bring inspiration, knowledge, and ideas to you for getting your home in top notch shape and ready for entertaining this summer. I encourage everyone to share a space in your home or something you took home with you from this series on social media using the hashtag #DefineYourHome

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

5 Trends to Shop for this Spring

5 Home Decor Trends this Spring
5 Home Decor Trends this Spring

5 Home Decor Trends this Spring

5 Home Decor Trends this Spring

5 Home Decor Trends this Spring

Which trend are you picking up on this year?

This post is a part of the #DefineYourHome series by Defined Designs. The series is meant to bring inspiration, knowledge, and ideas to you for getting your home in top notch shape and ready for entertaining this summer. I encourage everyone to share a space in your home or something you took home with you from this series on social media using the hashtag #DefineYourHome

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Currently Loving

Home Decor Favorites Target
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Sharing a few of my favorite decor pieces today. These are just a few of the items on my never ending wish list. How beautiful is this bedding from Crane and Canopy? I would grab the shams and mix and match with my existing stark white bedding and gray upholstered headboard. I've also been dreaming about the new Safavieh rugs at Target... this rug makes me want to re-design my entire living room when I move.

Home Decor Favorites Target

Monday, March 23, 2015

Nautical Notions

moodboard monday nautical springtime

Today's moodboard isn't necessarily a color in particular. While you could say this looks like a lot of navy blue in one place, it's more directed towards the theme. To me, moodboards can be a theme, a color, or even a grouping of colors. Whatever is inspiring you. And since spring is finally here and we can shout from the rooftops that the cold weather is {hopefully} past us until next winter... Nothing says warmer weather like a little nautical themed moodboard.

What makes you think of summertime?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

Friday favorites pinterest

Happy Friday! Who's ready for another weekend? I know I slipped up a little on the St. Patrick's Day shenanigans but I promise this post and others to come will make up for it. As for this post... can you tell that I'm excited for summer? I'm loving everything bright, white, summery and warm! If it looks and screams happy, it must be happy -  I'm all about it! Let's check out what I'm obsessing over on Pinterest this week. {and don't forget to follow me here.}

1. Bar Cart - I love bar carts. I also love pineapples. So what's not to love about this photo. It also screams summer.. and as we already covered, I'm all about it. {via Pinterest, site not found}
2. Vintage White Chair - Now this is a great piece of furniture. If I ever see a chair like this in a thrift store, I'm snagging it and doing exactly this. A little restoration and a whole lot of bleach can go a long way.. {via Pinterest, site not found}
3. Shared Workspace - I love this workspace, it's so large and open it definitely doesn't feel cramped like most shared spaces. I also love the open shelving for getting the junk off the tabletop and adding height to the space. {via Casa E Jardim}
4. Mirrored Nightstand - LOVE LOVE LOVE mirrored furniture. It's especially great for making small spaces look and appear larger. This is also one of the '25 Nightstands worth sleeping next to' {via Style Me Pretty}
5. Aztec Bench Entryway - This entryway is so simple but very put together I just love it! I also spotted the aztec bench and couldn't resist pinning. {via Style Me Pretty}
6. St. Patrick's Day Poppers - I know, I know, late to the game.. these poppers would have been perfect for the occasion, but I missed the boat. I'm saving these for next time. 'Pin now, read later' {via Studio DIY}

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Look for Less

look for less mid century modern living room

The thing I love about creating a 'Look for Less' is that you can see what it looks like before you put all the time and money into creating the space in your own home. {Also a great reason why E-Design services are becoming so popular and I will be offering those soon! Stay tuned!} What would we even do without Pinterest these days?? Today's look for less from The Glitter Guide is so simple and neutral as a whole, but when you focus on the key pieces within the space, it's made up of bold statement pieces that are all very useful and reusable {great for those indecisive decor lovers!} Let's go over these great statement pieces, shall we?

1. Simple, Modern Bookshelf - Investing in a bookshelf that has simple, clean lines will be a piece that you will never want to throw away. Whether it's simple in price, design, materials or all of the above it's a must have for bringing some height to the space and showcasing those decorative items.
2. Neutral Mid Century Sofa - This space only has room for a small love seat but it doesn't even matter. It's still beautiful. Following along with the clean lines, mid century style upholstery is great for just that. I'm loving this love seat from One Kings Lane. Also, check out this great guide to the perfect {inexpensive} sofa.
3. Small Scale Gallery Wall - You can proabably figure out by now that I love a good gallery wall. Most people find them very overwhelming not only to layer and piece together but also once they're up due to there always being so many items hanging in one spot. This take on a simplified gallery wall blends similar tones with gold/ brass accents. I love mixing shapes and items such as this mirror, this decorative hanging, and this piece of abstract art.
4. End Table - Finding an side table that works as a unique piece is very key in such a neutral space like this. I love this brass side table from Urban Outfitters but this would be the perfect opportunity to test out your thrifting, DIY skills.
5. Industrial Accent Chair - Mixing decorative styles and elements is a very hard thing to do. But it's definitely possible... especially if you're seeing how great this space works. Here's the perfect example where mid century meets industrial and I love every part of it. These chairs from Dot & Bo are a steal compared to some similar chairs in this wire style.
6. Statement Lighting - As much as I love the brass pendant lighting in this space from The Glitter Guide, I know that hanging a pendant light or chandelier wouldn't be too practical for anyone in an apartment like myself. Take the light to the floor but don't to loose the statement by keeping it bold and tall like this one from One Kings Lane. This also brings in the industrial style like those chairs above... {see how I tied it together there?}
7. Mixing Throw Pillows - Another difficult thing to do is pattern mixing. It seems scary at first but this is a great example of how to make it work with no stress. Mix a colored geometric pillow like this one with a metallic pillow like this one. TA-DA!
8. Statement rug - Here is where you can get creative and add your own touch to this space! Most likely, you already have a rug you own.. or you have a rug in mind you want to purchase. The good news about this look for less is that it's so neutral that you can put just about any rug in this space and it will work. Suggestions? Go colorful but subtle in pattern. I'm loving this one, and this one from Target.

the glitter guide look for less

the glitter guide look for less

the glitter guide look for less


Monday, March 16, 2015

Luck of the Irish

moodboard monday St. Patrick's Day

In honor of St. Patrick's Day being tomorrow, I put together a little green moodboard for this week's splash of color. And... Irish or not, I know everyone loves a little bit of green. Bright colors are great, but I love them even more when spring and summer is in an arms reach. The warm weather we had again this weekend definitely reassured us that warmer weather and sunny days are on the way!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Look For Less

the hunted interior bedroom look for less

I've been swooning over this bedroom revamp from The Hunted Interior since Kristen posted the reveal a few months ago. I pinned this image immediately and I just can't get enough of it. I love the wall detail with the fawn wallpaper and the crisp whites with brass accents and pops of color. The entire space has been pulled together so beautifully, I've recreated the look so you {and me!!} can get this look in your home too!

There are a few key pieces you'll need to pull this look off. Once you have these items you can add in other items and finishing touches to make this your own. Throw in a small vase with flowers, your favorite, neutral area rug and you're good to go!

1. Upholstered Headboard - I love this one from target, but you can always check out flash sale sites like Joss & Main or One Kings Lane.
2. Desk - Instead of a nightstand, Kristen from The Hunted Interior used this desk {custom made, read her post here} I love this simple writing desk from target. It's the perfect size & you can spray paint the handle to add more brass accents to the space.
3. Ghost Chair - The ghost chair is a very trendy piece of furniture right now. With some of them reaching as much as $400-$800, this one is a steal at $100!
4. Multicolored Pillow - You can find a multicolored throw pillow pretty much anywhere these days. Geometric, tribal, anything you would like. I'm loving this one from CB2!
5. Oversized Mirror - I'm loving the contrast of the wood framed mirror in this space. There are tons of great mirrors out there, this one is very similar. I also love this one and this one.

the hunted interior bedroom look for less

the hunted interior bedroom look for less

shop the look for less

Monday, March 9, 2015


yellow decor moldboard monday

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of bringing yellow into a space. I'm not 100% against it, but it's not my go to color when decorating.  I've experimented with mustard hues but it always seems to bring too much yellow into the space for my liking and I just can't get past how much I love a crisp white space. The weather being oh-so beautiful this weekend has got me thinking one thing and one thing only. Sunshine. Summer is near and the weather being beautiful this weekend just proves that it's right around the corner! So despite my personal hesitation on yellows, I've found a happy medium just for the sunshine and pulled together some surprisingly bright and crisp yellow spaces.

What are your thoughts on yellow decor?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

365 in 365: February Update

101 in 1001 Update Mackenzie Horan

Another one bites the dust! It's March, can you believe it? For those of you following along - hey there! For those of you who are new to the game... I have challenged myself to complete 365 things in 365 days. Considering that in January I completed 16 items, and in February I completed 19 items, I'd say I'm doing good since that number is consistent! I'd also like to say that I've got a lot of catching up to do so I'm not left to complete 100+ items in December! {can you imagine!} But there's no obligation on this list. It's simply a challenge to myself to stay productive, determined, and inspired throughout the year both in my blog life, and my personal life. Once a month I have decided to post a review of the items I have accomplished and checked off the list. Oh yeah, and someday I'll actually complete making the list... whoops. And don't forget about item # 365 on my list...Cheers to $190 going in my savings account this month!!

101 in 1001 Update
Instagrams from February {& Twitter}


101 in 1001 Update
38. Take on an Interior Design client February 2015 {updates to come in the future!}
40. Help a reader with a blog post {Tips for Styling Built-Ins} February 2015
65. Tweet 3 times a day for a week straight Februrary 2015, follow me on Twitter here.
66. Update & Organize pinterest boards February 2015, follow me on Pinterest here.
76. Update & create an interactive 'shop' page February 2015, shop my wish list here.
91. Bachelor Finale Party February 2015, does hosting a viewing party count?
92. Post a Valentines Day theme post February 2015, see it here

101 in 1001 Update
219. Try 5 new restaurants {Toast, Pho, Melting Pot, Soul Gastrolounge, MayoBird} February 2015
244. Apply for a credit card with cash back bonuses February 2015
251. Take 2 gym classes in one day February 2015 {5:30am Spinning & 7:15pm Hot Yoga}
256. Finish an entire TV Series on Netflix {Greys Anatomy Woooo!} February 2015
259. Read a book before seeing the movie {50 Shades, yes I saw it} February 2015
286. Help a friend with a design struggle February 2015 check out the end result here.
294. Find a weekly fitness routine/ class schedule February 2015
297. Buy & learn how to use liquid eyeliner February 2015
298. Experiment with an eyebrow pencil February 2015
305. Volunteer for something {Laugh for the Cure} February 2015
306. See 50 Shades of Grey in theater {Yep!} February 2015
311. Support a Philanthropy in Charlotte {Susan G. Komen} February 2015

Have you started your list yet?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


shop bop big event sale
It's Wish List Wednesday and what's a better way to promote some guilty pleasure online shopping than with a SALE! That's right, Shopbop is having their Big Event sale through Saturday, March 7th!! You can get up to 25% off your order with code 'BIGEVENT15' at checkout.

Here's how it works:
15% off orders of $250+
20% off orders of $500+
25% off orders of $1000+

I know it seems like a lot but it's pretty easy to get there when there's so many things you want and love! {insert heart eyes emoji here} To see their entire Home & Gift section check it out here. But for a little preview, here are my favorite Shopbop items:

{click any of the items below to shop or get more information!}

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Side Chair

trending tuesday side chair furniture ideas

Happy Tuesday! It's been a while since I've shared a Trending Tuesday with you all so that's exactly what we're covering today! It is the season for spring cleaning so why not do a little rearranging around the apartment or house as well. Just like a fresh, clean house, I love nothing more than the satisfaction that comes from a new layout in the living room, or moving some photo frames around. Even small rearranging can bring a sense of renewed comfort to a space. Hopefully today's trend can help out with anyone looking to rearrange or add a piece of furniture to their home this spring.

The Side Chair. Where to start... Adding a side chair to a space can mean so many things. Depending on how you place it within a space or it's intended function, a side chair can be the finishing touch to a room. And with prices for side chairs becoming affordable for any budget, your options are basically endless. Here are a few of my favorite types and ways to use a side chair in a space:

Which one is your favorite side chair??

trending tuesday side chair furniture
The Bold Chair. Don't get me wrong I love my neutrals. But it's hard to go wrong with a good pop of color in any space. Taking the leap and adding a bold side chair is a great way to get that pop of color in your room and work on tying it together with smaller pieces after. {via Domino}

trending tuesday side chair furniture
The Accent Chair. The accent chair is a great budget friendly way to add a chair to your space. Using an armless upholstered dining chair is best styled when paired with a dresser, bookshelf or media stand and topped with artwork for height. Psst... this is a great item to thrift for!! {via Zhush}

trending tuesday side chair furniture
The Sitting Chair. Going a little more practical on this one. The sitting chair can be any kind of upholstered side chair you prefer. Comfy, trendy, colorful, or neutral... the sitting chair explains itself since it hangs out in the main part of the living room along with the sofa and end tables. You can also buy two and make it a pair! {via DesignLoveFest}

trending tuesday side chair furniture
The Club Chair. A club chair is usually referred to when you have a traditionally chunky upholstered chair. While on most occasions you would think to place the club chair in the living room, a good way to change it up would be to catty corner it in the master bedroom for reading, or dressing in the morning. {via Better Homes and Gardens}

trending tuesday side chair furniture
The Bench. Now I know that this is not a side chair per se... but it is a great substitute if you have a very small space or have a very tight budget. I love the idea of placing a bench next to a door in an entryway in place of an entry table in an apartment or small space. Great place for books, a tray with small decorative items, even a bowl to keep keys. {via Dust Jacket}

trending tuesday side chair furniture
The Statement Chair. This. Chair. Is. Amazing. A birdcage chair like the one shown above makes such a statement it doesn't even need an explanation. While most of them are way out of the average budget, a great way to get a statement chair is by thrifting, antiquing or taking on CraigsList and adding a little DIY touch. {via Waiting on Martha}

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Oscars and Interiors

oscars red carpet looks

Award shows are great. The performances, the funny monologues, the performances, and yes... the red carpet. Who can pass up the opportunity to watch all of the hollywood greats walk down the red carpet in their gorgeous outfits and talk about their movies, nominations, and gossip on who their wearing and what their up to.

Remember my post last years Oscars and Interiors post? If not, you can read it here... and since the red carpet Sunday night at the Oscars was on point, I'm bringing it back today! Personally, I thought JLo was flawless. Who was your favorite? In no particular order, here are my favorites:

{all Oscar images via E Online}

oscars red carpet looks dakota johnson
Color: Red

oscars red carpet looks jennifer lopez
Color: Blush

Color: Chartreuse

oscars red carpet looks anna kendrick
Color: Coral

oscars red carpet looks scarlett johansson
Color: Emerald
Scarlett Johansson // via Pinterest site not found

oscars red carpet looks reese witherspoon
Color: Powder Blue

oscars red carpet looks margot robbie
Color: Black
Margot Robbie // via Pinterest site not found