Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wish List Wednesday: Chairs

It's Wednesday - Which means it's Wish List Wednesday! But today I feel the need to get some opinions..
DISCLAIMER: this post is going to make you think I'm not an interior designer. LIES. I am - But you know what they say... A designer's home is never finished [And their never satisfied with their own home] TRUTH. I can't make decisions for myself. ha.

Okay, I'm having a really hard time making a decision on buying a club chair for my apartment. I've wanted one for a while, and I have this wild idea in my head that I want my apartment to look like a beautiful urban/upscale New York Loft [Pshhh someday- not on my budget] So, I keep telling myself these things take time but the designer in me won't be satisfied until its perfect.

Long story short - I think I'm ready to make the splurge and buy a chair. But of course, the struggle is real. The money struggle that is. World Market has this adorable chair [on sale now..] and it does come in a few colors. [I should note that my living room is grey navy/ceruean-esq & deep mustard yellow] A blue chair would be ideal. The rest of these chairs are from the new target furniture collection[s] and I love them but they're never on sale.

Here's where I need opinions!! What are your thoughts?
Club Chair Decisions

I love the blue chair from target - But I can't decide!! Should I Save some money and get the Chair on sale? or is it worth it to wait a few weeks and splurge on a chair I LOVE!?


  1. I think the on sale now chair is my favorite - you should absolutely get it!

  2. Thanks Chesson! I think I'm between that one and the blue one from Target!! Making these decisions always takes me a few weeks of back and forth but I could pick out and design a room for someone else in probably a day or two- It's so weird!


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