Friday, January 3, 2014

Color Splash: Winter White

Today I am so happy to announce an exiting collaboration with a new friend of mine, Jaime at Sunflowers and Stilettos.  We have been working together to provide you all with something that I hope everyone can relate to [maybe in more ways than one]

So, who doesn't love shopping? Fashion? How about the Home Decor section at Target?  [I know, gets me every time too] Well here it is: The color splash and collaboration where where a specific color or theme can be used in both home decor and fashion!

My Thoughts: White is always a color that everyone loves and you can never go wrong with BUT I feel like everyone is afraid to use it in their homes. [What if it gets dirty... right?] Whatever. That's what bleach is for! I say the more the merrier!

Jaime's Winter White Look:
I love how she mixed textures and shades of white to create this look.

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You can add the simplicity and style of winter white to your home with any of these pieces!
Winter Whites

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  1. Just found your blog and LOVE it :) Love "meeting" fellow Charlotte bloggers!

  2. Love the fringe booties. I think in terms of interior design, there are many treatments you can get on interior fabrics to help them be stain resistant. So, I say don't be afraid to add a little accent of white and actually live the space. I know a few people with white rooms and they're just looking at. Furniture is meant to be enjoyed through use in my opinion.


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