Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Making a Statement

I'm all about making a statement.  Whether I'm a trying out new trend with my outfits like adding a bold statement necklace before I head out the door, or the bright turquoise vases on my table in my apartment. If you've got the outfits covered but you're still looking for some assistance with adding that statement piece in your home, the answer is simple. A Mirror. 

One mirror is all you need. A great way to make a statement in your home is with a mirror you might notice but probably haven't ever classified it on it's own. They're called leaners - No need to fuss around with them attempting to hang them up on the wall without breaking it [seven years bad luck?] They just lean against the wall. It's that easy! Leaner mirrors are large and in charge, they come in all different styles so you can find one that fits yours! And who doesn't like to look at themselves in the mirror... Right?

Today I'm featuring a variety of leaner mirrors from West Elm. They are so beautiful I couldn't just pick one. Which one is your favorite? [All Images via West Elm]

Mother of Pearl | $549

Etched Chevron | $399

Gray Herringbone | $549

Floating Wood | $399

Antique Tiled | $399

Chocolate Stained Veneer | $279 (Sale)

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