Monday, March 31, 2014

Recycled Coke Bottles

I finally feel like spring is in the air here in North Carolina. This weekend I went thrifting hoping to come back with some new finds but unfortunately it was a bust.  What I did come back with however were two old fashioned coke bottles, from an unexpected place.  My favorite food truck in Charlotte, Papi Queso. If you live in the city and have not tried this amazing place on wheels... I urge you to drop whatever you are doing and go find them on your lunch break. You can follow them on twitter here for all of your grilled cheese stalking needs.

This weekend project is so simple anyone can do it! It's such a fun little project and it's perfect for spring! Here's a step by step process of how to make these colorful spring vases.

Make sure you wash the bottles completely with warm soapy water. Get all of the sticker labels off of the glass and make sure there's no left over soda in the bottom also! Use supplies of your choice - Spray paint is an option as well, I used turquoise paint for a pop of color.
Paint a full coat of white paint on the bottles as a primer. Be sure to let this coat dry completely before starting another one. This will be streaky but I promise it will cover up! [I did 2 full coats of white before moving on to the turquoise]
Two or three full coats of the color of your choice will create this lacquered look.  Again, let each coat dry completely before starting another. Finish off with a clear coat of finishing spray paint. [I love the mod podge pearlized glaze] most finish sprays can be found at your local craft store!
Top with your favorite spring blooms and enjoy! Great coffee table or dining table accent! This simple DIY project can also be done with any type of glass, mason jars would be a great substitute! Are you feeling crafty?

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