Monday, July 22, 2013

Post Grad Bachelor Pad

It rhymes - yes, I know. I'm going to embrace it for this post.

You have a job, you're moving into your first apartment and your first thought is... [probably filled with a few chosen words] but mainly consists of  "I don't know the first thing about how to decorate or shop for an apartment." So, you turn to your girlfriend, mom, or whichever female you know who you think can and will [maybe] offer to help you out.

Long story short, I'm going to give all you guys [or girlfriends to pass on to the guys] a few pointers on how to shop for your first apartments.  A few things to remember, some ideas, and even some stores to help you find your "bachelor pad" style.

The Living Room
I know guys probably aren't going to go out and shop for pillows [I'm leaving that up to the girlfriends and mothers]  but the main thing to think about in these examples are the walls.

Pointer #1: Frame your sofa with whatever kind of wall art you choose
Pointer #2: You can never go wrong with sports wall hangings [framed pieces, or canvas's] 
Dining Area Pointer: Hang a mirror above your table and chairs to fill up the wall space

The Bedroom
Pointer #1: Dark Furniture is always a good choice for guys. Find a matching set [bed, nightstands, dresser]
Pointer #2: Wall Space again - you can never go wrong with framing your headboard with a wide, framed sports photo.
Pointer #3: Get a nice, neutral bedding set [yes with matching pillows] it will bring the room together

The Bathroom
Pointer #1: Adding stripes into your bathroom will give the illusion of making a small bathroom larger.
Pointer #2: Pick a color and add it as an accent to white and gray [or] browns and neutrals
Pointer #3: Add a black and white photo to a blank wall for contrast

Must Haves for Your Bathroom:
1. Please Please get a bathroom set [toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, etc.]
2. Don't forget to have a matching pair of hand towels to have hanging [and clean] at all times
Hint: Most bathrooms have a towel bar above the toilet. [perfect place for those hand towels]

Living Room
accent chair [similar@world market]
pillows, dining chairs, mirror; (Kirkland's)
coffee table [similar@ikea]; (West Elm)
wall art; (

bedding set; (Kohls)
wall art; (

wall art; (