Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Post Grad Bedroom

Every girl wants a sophisticated post grad bedroom to enjoy whether they have a "Big Girl" job or are waitressing to get by.  It doesn't matter if you have your own apartment, or moved back home with mom and pops, you're still gonna feel the need to spruce up your life a little. For me, it was my bedroom in my new apartment.  It's coming along slowly (due to lack of funds and expensive taste) but I'm working on it and I'll make sure to post pictures once it's all put together! Here's a little sneak peak of what I have in store for my bedroom.

I'm hooked on the mustard yellow paired with whites and grays.  I'm also going for a serene, bold, bohemian feel to the room.  That might sound like a mess, but I have confidence that it'll work great!  If your asking where most of this is from, I'll tell you.  First things first, you can never go wrong with Ikea Furniture when starting out post grad.  It's affordable and has a younger look to it that works for anyone with any style.  The gray writing desk, white dresser, and white side tables are all from ikea. The grey upholstered headboard was from a Joss & Main flash sale (70% off Woo!) Window treatments, yellow pillow arrangement, throw blanket, and my white duvet are all from non other than, West Elm. The custom gray monogrammed pillow is from a cute little etsy shop, and I'll have to say Target will take the rest.

More pictures to come!