Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Beach-y Bedroom Bliss

Charleston, South Carolina.  The ultimate beach spot where the water is always warm and the little downtown streets are filled with amazing architecture and an eclectic mixture of restaurants and shops.

One of my best friend's is moving into her first apartment with some girlfriends in the heart of Charleston come August and she's asked me to help out with her bedroom!

Here is the situation: Recent college graduate inherits an old wooden bedroom set from family but LOVES the shabby chic look of distressed furniture. All while wanting a beach bedroom getaway on a budget.

Well, with me being the crazy, crafty, do-it-yourselfer, she turned to me for help and I turned to my crafty instincts (with the help of Pinterest) and came up with a plan. (Stay Tuned: DIY Shabby Chic white wash furniture post coming soon!)

Option 1: "Beach, Beige, & Blue"

Option 2: "Serene Sea Greens"

Option 3: "Beach-y Blue Breeze"

As you might notice, Option 3 is the perfect mix between Options 1 & 2.  Together, we have found a happy medium with taking bits and pieces from each of options 1 & 2 and creating what I like to call; The "Beach-y Blue Breeze" Bedroom.

The best part about this DIY bedroom? It won't break the bank!
Quilt, Curtains; (Target)
Lamps; (World Market)
Chair; (Kirklands)
Wall Monogram; (Etsy)

To be Continued....