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Tips and Tricks to Hiring a Paint Contractor

Painting your home

Happy Thursday! Did you check out the first day of the #DefineYourHome series? Since this series is all about inspiration & information on all things home, home decor, and home improvements, why not keep the series going with some tips and tricks for home improvement?! {say that 10x fast} I had the opportunity to sit down with a local painting contractor here in Charlotte, called Cardinal Pro Painters and pick their brains on everything house painting.

For those of you who just don't have the DIY skills, or maybe even the time to get up on that ladder and paint your home... this one is for you! If you aren't local to Charlotte - I've had Cardinal Pro Painters spill the beans on how to find a painting contractor and what to look for in one. If you are local to Charlotte - You're in luck! Cardinal Pro Painters has offered Defined Designs readers a 10% discount on all jobs! All you have to do is mention to your estimator that you saw this post after you have received your estimate. (Offer valid until 1/1/16 and only on jobs over $1,200.00) Offer will be applied on estimate sheet.

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House Painters in Charlotte
{photos via Cardinal Pro Painters}

DD: Tell us a little bit about Cardinal Pro Painters. What sets you apart from other painting contractors in Charlotte?
        Cardinal Pro Painters: Cardinal Pro Painters offers it's customers peace of mind. We are fully insured, licensed, EPA lead certified, BBB accredited, and offer our customers a written 2 year warranty. I believe that any homeowner hiring a painting contractor should ask to see these documents before starting any work on their home. We also give our customers a detailed and specific estimate outlining the prep process involved for their job, the number of coats that will be applied on all surfaces, and the type of material that will be used.

Our customers look to us for our craftsmanship, cleanliness, and professionalism. If these are the traits someone is looking for in a painting company, then the should always read online reviews from past customers and not the self-published "testimonials" on the company's own website. Unlike other painting contractors, CPP does not ask for upfront deposits to start a job. We only ask for payment after the entire job is finishes to our customer's complete satisfaction.

DD: How often should a homeowner repaint their home exterior?
        Cardinal Pro Painters: This depends on many factors. One is location. If you live near the coast, then the harsh elements (sand, salt, wind, and intense sun) will cause your paint to fade much quicker and you will likely need repainting every 2-3 years to look it's best. Here in the Carolinas, the cold winters and humid summers make paint start to look tired after about 5-6 years. Another factor is the quality of the paint used. If your house does not have much shade to protect it from the sun, then we strongly suggest going with a higher-end product to have a long lasting paint job. Finally, the labor involved makes a big difference too. Using the best paint will not do you much good if adequate surface preparation is not done to your exterior. This involves power washing, caulking, sanding down where needed, and replacing any rotted wood. Your painting contractor should be able to do all of that for you and then apply two coats of paint. Two coats is always recommended. Applying only one coat may save you some money and look fine when you put it up, but it will degrade much faster and require another paint job sooner. This will cost you more money in the long run.

DD: How long should they expect the painting process to take?
        Cardinal Pro Painters: This is a very good question to ask your painting contractor. And the answer is very different for every home. Your contractor should have the manpower needed to get the job done on your schedule and time constraints. Our crews typically consist of 3-4 painters. Full interior repaints usually last 5-6 days, and full exterior repaints usually last 3-4 days. This is considering an average size house and painting all previously painted surfaces with 2 coats. If our customers have a tighter schedule, than we will get the job done faster by using 2 (or more) crews for an additional fee.

DD: Do you provide color selections? If so, how do you go about helping a client select colors for their home?
        Cardinal Pro Painters: It is ultimately the homeowner's responsibility to choose colors as not everyone likes (or even sees) the same colors. Our estimators do bring a color book for our customers to browse through. We can suggest which colors to use on what walls and how to choose accent walls so that they can compare the colors and decide which ones they want to go with.

Cardinal Pro Painters
{photo via Cardinal Pro Painters}
DD: What should homeowners do around the house to make sure they are prepared for your company to come paint? Interior/ Exterior?
        Cardinal Pro Painters: We only ask that pets be kept away form the areas we will be working in (for their safety) and that no other contractors be working in the same area. We figure in moving a customer's furniture and wall decorations to the center of the room in our estimates.

What type of home improvements are on your spring cleaning list this year? How are you going to define your home?

This post is a part of the #DefineYourHome series by Defined Designs. The series is meant to bring inspiration, knowledge, and ideas to you for getting your home in top notch shape and ready for entertaining this summer. I encourage everyone to share a space in your home or something you took home with you from this series on social media using the hashtag #DefineYourHome

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