Thursday, March 5, 2015

365 in 365: February Update

101 in 1001 Update Mackenzie Horan

Another one bites the dust! It's March, can you believe it? For those of you following along - hey there! For those of you who are new to the game... I have challenged myself to complete 365 things in 365 days. Considering that in January I completed 16 items, and in February I completed 19 items, I'd say I'm doing good since that number is consistent! I'd also like to say that I've got a lot of catching up to do so I'm not left to complete 100+ items in December! {can you imagine!} But there's no obligation on this list. It's simply a challenge to myself to stay productive, determined, and inspired throughout the year both in my blog life, and my personal life. Once a month I have decided to post a review of the items I have accomplished and checked off the list. Oh yeah, and someday I'll actually complete making the list... whoops. And don't forget about item # 365 on my list...Cheers to $190 going in my savings account this month!!

101 in 1001 Update
Instagrams from February {& Twitter}


101 in 1001 Update
38. Take on an Interior Design client February 2015 {updates to come in the future!}
40. Help a reader with a blog post {Tips for Styling Built-Ins} February 2015
65. Tweet 3 times a day for a week straight Februrary 2015, follow me on Twitter here.
66. Update & Organize pinterest boards February 2015, follow me on Pinterest here.
76. Update & create an interactive 'shop' page February 2015, shop my wish list here.
91. Bachelor Finale Party February 2015, does hosting a viewing party count?
92. Post a Valentines Day theme post February 2015, see it here

101 in 1001 Update
219. Try 5 new restaurants {Toast, Pho, Melting Pot, Soul Gastrolounge, MayoBird} February 2015
244. Apply for a credit card with cash back bonuses February 2015
251. Take 2 gym classes in one day February 2015 {5:30am Spinning & 7:15pm Hot Yoga}
256. Finish an entire TV Series on Netflix {Greys Anatomy Woooo!} February 2015
259. Read a book before seeing the movie {50 Shades, yes I saw it} February 2015
286. Help a friend with a design struggle February 2015 check out the end result here.
294. Find a weekly fitness routine/ class schedule February 2015
297. Buy & learn how to use liquid eyeliner February 2015
298. Experiment with an eyebrow pencil February 2015
305. Volunteer for something {Laugh for the Cure} February 2015
306. See 50 Shades of Grey in theater {Yep!} February 2015
311. Support a Philanthropy in Charlotte {Susan G. Komen} February 2015

Have you started your list yet?

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