Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Side Chair

trending tuesday side chair furniture ideas

Happy Tuesday! It's been a while since I've shared a Trending Tuesday with you all so that's exactly what we're covering today! It is the season for spring cleaning so why not do a little rearranging around the apartment or house as well. Just like a fresh, clean house, I love nothing more than the satisfaction that comes from a new layout in the living room, or moving some photo frames around. Even small rearranging can bring a sense of renewed comfort to a space. Hopefully today's trend can help out with anyone looking to rearrange or add a piece of furniture to their home this spring.

The Side Chair. Where to start... Adding a side chair to a space can mean so many things. Depending on how you place it within a space or it's intended function, a side chair can be the finishing touch to a room. And with prices for side chairs becoming affordable for any budget, your options are basically endless. Here are a few of my favorite types and ways to use a side chair in a space:

Which one is your favorite side chair??

trending tuesday side chair furniture
The Bold Chair. Don't get me wrong I love my neutrals. But it's hard to go wrong with a good pop of color in any space. Taking the leap and adding a bold side chair is a great way to get that pop of color in your room and work on tying it together with smaller pieces after. {via Domino}

trending tuesday side chair furniture
The Accent Chair. The accent chair is a great budget friendly way to add a chair to your space. Using an armless upholstered dining chair is best styled when paired with a dresser, bookshelf or media stand and topped with artwork for height. Psst... this is a great item to thrift for!! {via Zhush}

trending tuesday side chair furniture
The Sitting Chair. Going a little more practical on this one. The sitting chair can be any kind of upholstered side chair you prefer. Comfy, trendy, colorful, or neutral... the sitting chair explains itself since it hangs out in the main part of the living room along with the sofa and end tables. You can also buy two and make it a pair! {via DesignLoveFest}

trending tuesday side chair furniture
The Club Chair. A club chair is usually referred to when you have a traditionally chunky upholstered chair. While on most occasions you would think to place the club chair in the living room, a good way to change it up would be to catty corner it in the master bedroom for reading, or dressing in the morning. {via Better Homes and Gardens}

trending tuesday side chair furniture
The Bench. Now I know that this is not a side chair per se... but it is a great substitute if you have a very small space or have a very tight budget. I love the idea of placing a bench next to a door in an entryway in place of an entry table in an apartment or small space. Great place for books, a tray with small decorative items, even a bowl to keep keys. {via Dust Jacket}

trending tuesday side chair furniture
The Statement Chair. This. Chair. Is. Amazing. A birdcage chair like the one shown above makes such a statement it doesn't even need an explanation. While most of them are way out of the average budget, a great way to get a statement chair is by thrifting, antiquing or taking on CraigsList and adding a little DIY touch. {via Waiting on Martha}

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