Thursday, June 26, 2014

This or That

Looking for something to finish up the look of your living room, or just want to achieve a fresh new look with your space but not re-do the entire thing? The easiest way to achieve either of these is to focus on a smaller space within a room. Working with smaller spaces is great for people like me who are a little on the impatient side and love the immediate satisfaction. {instant gratification is great, yes?}
Thinking about the living room specifically - a perfect example is to focus on a singular side table and accent chair.  This can be of any style and color. The best way to start this would be to find the large pieces {i.e., side table and chair} and bring in your accessories around those. This will ensure that you're accessories will mix well and bring everything together. Note to self: if you already have these two items, say... they're passed down or you found them while at a consignment shop and you think they might not work together, go with it. I bet depending on the smaller items you bring in it'll all come together.

When in doubt - grab a table lamp, artwork or a mirror to hang, stack a few books and place a candle on top of them for an effortlessly styled look! Now, here are two looks I have created that are very similar but give off a different feel with the end result.
1. Hints of blues and a slightly nautical look
2. Hints of gold giving an easily antiqued look

This or That: Styled Side Table

Shop these Looks:

So what do you think? This or that?? Let me know which one you would pick!

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