Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Making It Your Own

Who doesn't love a good shopping trip to IKEA? Well, if you just shouted at your cubicle reading this - then you're going to love this. Today I'm featuring 10 Ikea products that are great for spray painting! Did you see my bar cart hack the other day?? Go check it out and see for yourself what a can {or two} of gold spray paint and some matte finish can do!
But really - that desk lamp doesn't come in the bright fuchsia color you really want? Grab the desk lamp and a can of good ole' spray paint and make a weekend project out of it! Now, next question.... Why Ikea products? Well, because in most cases they come unassembled and in a million parts {i know sounds treacherous..} but that's actually the good part. In most of those cases, you can spray them down with a few coats and THEN put the furniture together and BAM, it looks like a professional did it!

10 Ikea Products to spray paint

A few of these are on my list...Which of these are on yours??

Shop these Ikea Products:

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