Thursday, June 12, 2014

Look for Less: His & Hers

House Tweaking

The past few months have been a whirlwind for me. I know I keep saying this {and I know, excuses excuses} but between working, traveling for work, and moving into a new house, I seemed to have forgotten my manners in treating my parents for their "appreciation" days. So for all of you working young professionals like me who want to show their parents how much you appreciate them with a kind and creative gesture - This one's for you!

I know it's father's day this weekend but why not treat mom too? Here's a little way to spruce up their master bedroom and give them styled "His & Hers" nightstands:

Look for Less: Hers

Look for Less: His

These beautiful his & hers nightstands are from a blog called House Tweaking. You can read the entire post here, and find out how Dana styled them and even where she shopped to create these. If you have a minute, check out her other posts.. her house is a walking Pinterest board. It's actually perfect. 

On a side note, I took these perfect Pinterest images and re-created the concept of his and hers nightstands in a way that I would style them and with pieces that I would most likely choose if I were to do this for my parents. As for now, they're thinking of selling so maybe at your next house mom & dad! Here are the links to shop for each look:

Get Her Look:

Get His Look:


  1. Cute post, love the his and hers :)! Xx.

    1. Thanks Hope! I love this idea, It's so nicely put together and perfect for a newlywed like yourself!! Congrats :) xo


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