Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Trending Tuesday: Exposed

Let's chat about apartments today... Specifically industrial style apartments. I have a slight weakness for industrial apartment lofts that have exposed brick walls. I don't know how to describe it but there's something about the exposed brick and exposed duct work that makes the entire feel of those type of apartments.

Most everyone of my friends right now are living the apartment lifestyle so I'm sure most of my readers can relate to this post in some way shape or form also.  Apartment living can be quite the adjustment from good ole' mom and dads house.  A cozy, comfortable house with all the furniture already provided for you. Now you're on to paying rent and buying furniture - Decisions, decisions...

If I have one advice for picking an apartment or making living arrangement decisions - Go with you're gut. Make a decision based on what will make you happy. After all, it is going to be your home over the next 12 or so months! I know, I know, budget has to come into play somewhere in there but enough about my advice giving abilities - Let me show you all about those exposed brick apartments I've been swooning over.

Badass Bedrooms

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Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Apartment Therapy


What are your thoughts on the exposed brick trend? Do you live in an apartment or home with exposed brick? I'd love to hear some thoughts on this style!


  1. you should definitely post this to our link up! we host a trending tuesday link up every tuesday. check out my blog & join in if you would like :) i love the brick walls!

    1. Ah I think I missed the deadline to submit!! I would love to join in on the next one! Thanks so much for letting me know!


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