Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Style your Sofa

Happy Tuesday! Let's talk about a little dilemma that I'm sure most people run into more than you think.  You're moving into a new apartment or home and you don't know how to design your living room. You have all the "stuff" but you never know where to put everything or how to hang the wall art you have. Don't you worry.

Let's start with the basics: the sofa. Whether it's a sectional, a three seater, a sofa with a chaise lounge it doesn't matter! These 4 ways will work with any size, shape, or color sofa you have! For my example however, I'm using Ikea's new STOCKHOLM sofa. It has such a versatile  look and is only $899!

I know everyone has their own style... and you buy what you think fits your style - who wouldn't? Here's 4 easy ways to style a sofa depending on your own personal style!

4 Easy Ways to Style a Sofa

1. NYC Glam: Black and White are your go-to colors. You love when spaces look crisp, clean and dramatic. You love to make a statement and don't need a mixture of colors to do it. If metallics are best when making a statement and bold and dramatic are positive words, then NYC Glam is all you. 

2. Bohemian Chic: You love to mix and match everything and anything you can. You might enjoy thrifting on the weekends or get a thrill when you purchase the occasional antique. You like to think out of the box and be different with your style and design. If mixing dark metals, woods, and colorful patterns is right up your alley, then Bohemian Chic is for you!

3. Rustic Charm: You love neutrals. Any surroundings that possibly resemble the beach or your parents stylish beach vacation home is where you feel the most comfortable. Browns, whites, baby blues and wooden accents draw you in when shopping at your local stores. If this describes you then Rustic Charm is your cup of tea!

4. Minimalist: You think clean lines are the best lines. Color or no color you like everything to look as if if it was almost effortless but still looks good and makes a small statement. If simplicity at its finest is for you, then you are the Minimalist.

Which style do you think fits you?

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  1. I LOVE this, Emma! And I have such a soft spot for anything IKEA. Great post! xo


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