Monday, February 3, 2014


Happy Monday! Did everyone watch the Super Bowl last night?? I sure did! I thoroughly enjoyed the commercials and Half Time Show! Can we talk about the commercials for a quick second??

The Budweiser "Puppy Love" commercial? I died a little inside when it aired - SO CUTE!
The Cheerios commercial? That is one clever little girl!
The other Budweiser commercial with the Soldier coming home? Get the tissues.
Jack in the box stepped up their game with the catchiest commercial ever.
The Microsoft commercial was a tear jerker too!
And it was aired before and after the super bowl but I LOVED the Diet Mt. Dew commercial with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

I must say I'm a little biased and I would have paid more attention to the actual game if my two teams had been the ones playing. [Patriots & Panthers] They were both close though!!

Well, In honor of the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl last night, here is a little NFL themed mood board monday! Bring on the Navy & Green!

What was you're favorite Super Bowl Commercial?

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