Friday, February 14, 2014

Renovation Revealed: Neutral Bathroom

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!
First thing's first - did everyone enjoy their snow days the past couple of days? Here in North Carolina everything has been completely shut down and we've been snowed in. I guess our little groundhog friend is to blame for that one. Thanks Phil. Being from the woods of Massachusetts I'm used to mass amounts of snow but unlike the north, no one knows how to deal with it down here and I'd rather just stay inside.
Today I have a treat for everyone. I know I get excited about all of my posts but this one I'm especially excited for. Remember my post a while back about Front Door Decor where I was put to work helping some of my friends renovate their bathroom all the way in Ohio. Well, I'm happy to say that the wait is over and they LOVE their new bathroom! 

The Package:
Not only did I include a full budget and shopping list for them, but I also included images, paint samples, and renderings of the final product to really show them what their bathroom could look like! 
Note: I really wanted to point my friends [& now clients] in the right direction so I told them that they did not need to feel pressured to use everything exactly as I have presented it to them! They made a few small changes that worked for them, but they said they never would have gotten this great of a result without this as a guide! I'm so happy I could help them!

Here are some before and after photos of their renovation:

They are working on getting shades installed in the window but as you can see the end result is such an amazing transformation! They painted the cabinet doors on that built in cabinet to make it stand out and look more custom. And can we talk about that mirror?? The mirror was already purchased and when I saw it I knew it was going to be beautiful as a focal point in the bathroom! Hobby Lobby never disappoints!

What are your thoughts on this budget friendly bathroom renovation?

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