Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rustic Chic Apartment

Happy Thursday, friends! Today I have another exciting post for you all.  This weekend I went to visit a friend from college and I helped her transform her adorable South Carolina apartment into a sophisticated space fit for a grad student.  With the the rustic elements, wooden furniture, and the shabby chic mixing and matching, we're calling this apartment "Rustic Chic"
Note: This is only Part One to this post.  Stay tuned for Part Two tomorrow!

Before (the process of moving in)

Living Room:

Dining Room:
I'm sure we can all imagine the amount of studying that goes into being a successful grad student, right? This dining room space will double as a desk/study area when the extra table space is needed to cram for exams.

Now, If you've made it this far [which I hope you have] you're in for a treat.  I tested my skills in creating a gallery wall for the hallway/living room area and let me tell you it came out amazing! Everyone loves it - I also think it creates a great focal wall for the apartment and LOVE how it mixes so well with the delicacy of the other walls!

Hint on how to create your own gallery wall:
Clear a space on the floor and lay out your artwork against a tape measure set to the desired width you wish to create.  I used the exact width of the console table in the images above. [48"]
We also got creative with the metal hanging piece which is actually a plant holder.

Does this make you want to take on the challenge of creating your own gallery wall?  Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see whats in store for Part Two of this South Carolina apartment!


  1. Thanks Lindsay! Me too - Almost everything in the apartment was existing, just needed a little touch to where everything should go and how to maximize a look she wanted! The coffee table was thrifted for about $150! Very worth it for that detail and charm!


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