Monday, November 4, 2013

Colorless Bedroom

Hello Friends! Remember that post about my post grad bedroom[wayyy back when I first started blogging] Well, I guess it's true what they say about a designer's home never being complete. I think I take the cake for that one... 6 months out of college and I'm back at it. Designing my bedroom once again. This time I think I've come to a decision that will keep me happy for a while [at least I hope so..] I've figured out what makes me the happiest.

Black | White | Grey | Gold
No color. Whatsoever.

Call me weird, it's okay.  I've just figured out that every time I try to pick a color for my room, I want to change it within a few months. PROBLEM SOLVED. Here is my plan for my [Colorless] Bedroom makeover!
White Duvet Cover | Black Sheer Curtains | Black and White Geometric Pillow | Black & Gold Pillow | Gray Quilt [Please Note:  There is no shame in my ikea shopping skills]

And for a better idea as to what I'm imagining...

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