Monday, November 11, 2013

Pretty in Plaid

Preparing for the cold weather seems nearly impossible this year.  My college winter wardrobe consisted of endless amounts of yoga pants and scarfs paired with sorority sweatshirts, Uggs, and the occasional puffy down vest for those extra cold days.  Embarrassing? Never.  I embraced the inner lazy college student in me while I had the chance and I wish I could get away with wearing those things around the office. And while I definitely have the most laid back office of all of my friends [and I don't hate it one bit] I still like to be presentable and look nice at work.

This weekend one of my friends dragged me to run errands with her. Long story short, we ended up at Old Navy, Nordstrom Rack, and the Mall [typical].  While she still thinks I wanted to kill her for dragging me everywhere, I'm very pleased with the plaid shirt I bought at Old Navy. [Who can turn down 30% off at Old Navy? Not Me.]

How I'm pulling off a plaid button down at work today?
Please note: this is not a style & fashion blog, I could never pull that off. My outfits, I try my best.. But just to keep you informed:
Shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: American Eagle | Booties: Target | Necklace: Forever21 (Similar)

This next part, I'm not going to lie.. has me cringing a little. I challenged myself a few weeks ago by wanting to relate as many fashion trends to design as possible. I know what you're thinking: How in the world am I going to pull off Plaid Home Decor? [This isn't grandma's house - understood]

I was pleasantly surprised to find this plaid upholstered chair.  I think it works really well with the home office and brightens up the dark charcoal walls.

The charcoal walls really help modernize the plaid accents in this room. And this plaid bedding is nothing short of amazing.

Privacy screens and plaid. Two things that seem to be out of style these days, but this room makes you think again, doesn't it? Rustic mountain house gone trendy.

Grandma's Sofa? Maybe.. but this might make you rethink buying that slip cover at Bed Bath and Beyond. This plaid couch mixed with modern, funky accent pillows and a gray painted side table give a whole new meaning to Grandma's Sofa.  Am I right?

Lastly.. My favorite. I want this office. I never thought I would ever say that about a room with plaid wallpaper from floor to ceiling, but I really enjoy this space.  Pull the browns from the plaid and match it with a zebra upholstered chair and call it a day.

Are you pleasantly surprised with these plaid decor finds? Surprised enough that you want to see more? Check out my [Pretty in Plaid] Pinterest Board to see more interesting inspiration!

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