Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Trending Tuesday: Obviously Oversized

Trends don't just have to be the floral or animal print featured on the runway in New York City.  When it comes to Design and Decor, trends are everywhere and some are even easy to miss. You know when you get a new car and you love it so much that you start to see the same car everywhere?  Trends are like cars... [not really but go with it]

With this week's Trending Tuesday post, you're going to start noticing this trend everywhere! Now, I'm sure no one wants to hear the ugly truth, but here it is: Winter is on it's way.  When the cold weather hits, all I want is an oversized sweatshirt, a large fluffy blanket, my tall over-the-knee boots, and a big warm scarf.  Can you notice anything [obviously oversized] in these spaces??

Head over to Creative Juice and check out my post on Oversized Home Decor! To see more obviously oversized ideas, head over to my Pinterest board to see what else could inspire you.

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