Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Welcoming in Winter

Hello There! I apologize for my slight absence since my big news about collaborating with Mindy from Creative Juice.  For all of you who have been following and checking back - It's been boring around here, I know. Good News, I'm hoping everyone can relate to today's post and hopefully find some comfort in the subject matter of it.

I'm writing to you today from my cozy newly arranged and organized office at work, and while I'm sitting here thinking I'm freezing and could use a blanket... I just found out that it's snowing in NH where most of my family is from. I repeat. SNOW. Yes, You've heard me right. Back to my I'm freezing mentality [please note: It's 65 degrees here in Charlotte, NC] Sorry for complaining Mom and Dad... Needless to say, I'm very happy with my decision to relocate to the south and I'm adjusting pretty well.

So, Without any more delay today's Wish List Wednesday is all about welcoming in the winter season [It's come a little early for those in NH] with what better than some comfy cozy blankets

West Elm is on point this season with their blanket & throw selection. [And don't worry, they're faux fur!] If I had to choose I'd be in the store for hours just trying to make up my mind!

Which blanket would you choose to cuddle up with this winter season?

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