Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tabletop Trends

I know I've been saying the holidays are right around the corner for a few weeks now, but lets get real.. they have been. But now it's crunch time. They're here.  There's no messing around. All that procrastinating that you've been doing to put off your "to-do" list for this thanksgiving has finally hit you. You've got a house full of people coming for a huge thanksgiving feast and the last thing on your mind is decorating the table for dinner. [OR] You just got home for thanksgiving break from school or from being a [successful post grad] and you realize that you need to help mom with the table situation cause it's not looking too hot.

Don't worry. I've got you covered. Here are some oh-so-simple ideas that can hopefully spark your imagination and bring out the craftiness in you! Get out your paint brushes and glitter cause these DIY tabletop trends won't break the bank either!

Instead of just placing the silverware on a nicely folded napkin, why not tie each set up with a festive colored ribbon? Adds a nice touch I think!

Need placemats? Cut up wrapping paper or old paper shopping bags! Not only good for a placemat, but a little way to share what you're all thankful for this weekend!

Same idea but for the kids table - Cover the whole table in disposable paper and put crayons on display as a center piece. Keeps the little ones entertained and keeps the mess easy to clean up for later!

Popcorn isn't just a snack anymore... Grab some candles and popcorn kernels and you'll have yourself the easiest centerpiece ever.

Not sure what to do with those mini pumpkins or gourds from when you went pumpkin picking with the family? This is where the paintbrushes and glitter come in handy - Paint them white and create a center piece of your own!

Change it up - Paint the pumpkins white & gold, add some candles, leaves, flowers or anything you see fit and get creative with the center of the table!

Want to keep it simple? Line a bunch of candles down the center of the table and call it a day!  [I like the added touch of the gold napkin rings - keeps things interesting]

Do any of these ideas make you want to stop procrastinating in time to make you're table look festive for dinner?! Find some other budget friendly [tabletop trends] on my Pinterest board!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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