Friday, October 17, 2014

6 Steps to Staging a Coffee Table

6 steps to styling a coffee table tray
Photos: Andi Perullo
I'm so excited to finally be sharing this with you all! Last week, I had the chance to hang out at the West Elm here in Charlotte and play around in the showroom styling things. To say I was like a kid in a candy shop is an understatement. Now, This {I think} is one of the easiest and most fool proof ways to decorate a coffee table to ensure it looks nicely put together. Good thing is... most of these items you may already have - but if not, they are very easy to find!

First things first, You're going to need about 7 items. Why am I calling it the 6 Steps to styling a coffee table?? Well, that's simply because I'm going to assume most of you already have #1 covered. Whether it's grandmas old wooden coffee table, or it's this storage friendly coffee table from West Elm {pictured} Any coffee table will do!

1. Coffee Table: West Elm {similar}
2. Tray: West Elm {similar, similar, similar}
3. Stack of Books: {see here}
4. Candle: West Elm {love these}
5. Vase or Candle Hurricane: West Elm {love these}
6. Decorative Item: West Elm {love these}
7. Decorative Item: West Elm {Rhino, Reindeer}
6 steps to styling a coffee table tray

6 steps to styling a coffee table tray
Start with the tray, place it smack dab in the center of the coffee table.

6 steps to styling a coffee table tray
Add your stack of coffee table books or magazines to one side of the tray.

6 steps to styling a coffee table tray
Top your stack of books with your favorite candle. Feel free to take the top off for added flair.

6 steps to styling a coffee table tray
Place your hurricane or vase in the back corner of the open side of the tray. Making sure your vase is just a little bit taller than where the candle sits is key to create a landscape within your tray.

6 steps to styling a coffee table tray
Huge thanks to West Elm Charlotte for having me!
Add your smallest decorative object in front of the hurricane. Add an extra decorative object on the edge of your coffee table to give the eyes a path on and off the coffee table. This armadillo was my favorite little object in the store, I just had to include it! Brass animals are so popular and trendy right now, check out this rhino or these reindeer.

What's the verdict? Seems easy enough, right?? Do you think you can pull something like this off?

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