Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Decor with H&M

Fall, Fall, Fall, Fall... Are you sick of fall yet? I know I'm not! I'm just getting ready for it! Not only do I love the changing weather and foliage, seeing pumpkins for sale in every neighborhood, and the fact that I've officially broken out the boots and scarves... But I'm also so happy to see and browse through the new arrivals at all of my favorite home decor shopping spots!

H&M's new fall arrivals are amazing. They would be easy to transition a few pieces here and there into your existing decor and then stash away for next year! Here are my favorite picks for this fall.

1. Gold Basket - Add this to your living room and pile all of your extra blankets into it or keep it in your bathroom to hold your toilet paper. Gold is always a good answer.
2. Door Mat - This doormat will welcome your friends and family into your home in style this fall season.
3. Cake Stand - How delicious would that apple pie look on this cake stand? The holidays are right around the corner, time to think about hosting in style!
4. Faux Fur Throw - I can't stop thinking about this throw...I need it and you do too.
5. Ceramic Jar - Add this jar to your coffee table for the holidays. Use it to top a stack of books, or just sit on a shelf. I'll repeat myself in saying gold is always a good answer.
6. Herringbone Throw - If you're not completely sold on the faux fur throw that I'm swooning over, this herringbone throw is a close second. Who doesn't love a good throw?
7. Velvet Pillow Cover - Changing out your throw pillows is one of the easiest ways to change the look of a space.  This velvet pillow cover would bring the perfect amount of winter white to your bedroom or living room.
8. Small Metal Bowl - This metal bowl would look great paired with it's larger counterpart as a centerpiece on the dining table or coffee table, fill it with gold painted acorns or pinecones for the fall season.
9. Wooden Tray - By now I'm sure you're also aware of my love for trays.  Top your bar cart with this rustic wooden tray for the fall season or place this on your vanity for easy organization of makeup and jewelery.

Have you browsed H&M's fall decor? What is your favorite piece?


  1. I love that welcome mat! Now I know how I'm going to use my time on this rainy!

    1. I love the welcome mat also! It's so fun! Thanks for stopping by!! xo,

  2. Okay, I must be living under a rock. I didn't know H&M had home decor! SMH. Love it!

    1. You're not alone! Most people don't know they have a Home section either and it's only available online! xo,

  3. I can't believe all of that is from H&M!! Must go shopping there ... NOW!

    xoxo Alice at

    1. I agree! They've definitely stepped up their game this season! I love everything they have! It's only available online right now but I can't wait until they open up a store with home decor nearby! xo,


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