Thursday, October 9, 2014

Comfy Cozy

via Sally Rhys-Jones

Back in June, this beautifully soothing bedroom was featured in Adore Magazine. I remember flipping through the pages of their online e-magazine and seeing this beautiful space but moved on thinking, I'll come back to it. Well, a few weeks back I pinned the same exact image to my bedrooms board on pinterest and I immediately saved the image to my desktop. I mean, how could you resist? Look at it! It's perfection!

What's even better? There's a ton of items and ways in this one singular image to help transition your bedroom to the fall//winter months.  Start with your basic white bedding, keeping the furniture you have, and adding some candles, a faux fur throw, a few snazzy pillow covers or some decorative pillows, and a new basket and there you go. Comfy, Cozy and ready for fall! Your sunday mornings spent in bed reading a book will thank you later.

Bedroom Blues

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