Friday, August 15, 2014

Hosting & Toasting: Part 3 {DIY & WINNER}

Today is the day! One lucky person is the new owner of the prettiest placemats of their choosing from The Blush Label! The winner will be announced at the end of this post but stick around a little bit and get comfortable because the fun is not over yet. {and next week will be the final post!}

Remember that adorable flower setting in the original post featuring the placemats? {check it out here} Today's quick little DIY will show you just how to recreate that lemon floral arrangement here:

Slice up your lemons as shown.
Make sure they are all the same thickness so they will stack nicely on top of each other.

Once you have all of your lemons sliced, {I sliced 4, and left 1 whole}
Line the bottom edge with your first level of lemons.
Place the whole lemon and a few ends {if needed} in the center to hold the lemons in place.

Next, continue to stack the lemons up the inside of your vase in a brick pattern.
Once you get your second level of lemons on the inside of the vase you can pour in water.
This will cause the lemons to float! You can rearrange them if needed and begin the next step:

Begin to transfer your flowers into your vase.
You might need to switch flowers/ lemons/ flowers/ lemons.
This method will help keep the lemons from floating. You can arrange the flower stems to wedge the lemons into the side of the vase.

Finish layering your lemons up the inside of the vase.
Fix the arrangement of your flowers to make them look full & You're done! Enjoy you're beautiful blooms and this taste worthy centerpiece!

Get yourself the perfect glass vase for this DIY here:
Check out these other great vases here:

Congrats to the lucky winner!! Sad you missed out on the Giveaway fun? Check out the amazing products The Blush Label has to offer here! Also, check out last week's Hosting & Toasting post if you missed it!


  1. Cute idea

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