Friday, August 8, 2014

Hosting & Toasting: Part 2 {DIY}

I hope everyone is as happy as I am to see Friday again! Welcome back to the Hosting & Toasting mini series! If you didn't catch the Part 1, {see here} Today's post features a very simple and easy DIY that I'm sure you've seen on Pinterest a time or two. These wine cork table settings create name tags for your guests to feel extra special at that dinner part or mimosa brunch you're hosting! And when I say easy, trust me on this one! So, crack open the wine and drink up cause we're going to need those corks for this one!

Here's what you need:

First start out by using a pencil to practice writing out each of your guests names. {my roommate and I like to drink wine, so why not use our names as an example} Once you've found the style you like, go over it with a sharpie or pen of choice and make it look like calligraphy.. {Here's a great tutorial}

Stick each named label back to back with a blank label to create your name tags.
Next, cut off the bottom of your wine corks {less than half as shown} This will help your corks stand up straight.

At the top of the cork {opposite side of the bottom you just cut off} create a slit in the top for the name tag to sit in.

Neatly place your name tags into the slit that you have created at the top. And you are complete!!

But really, how simple was that? I think the hardest easiest part will be consuming all of that wine to get your wine corks {let's hope you're not having a large guest list for dinner!} Have you tried anything similar to this for table settings and name tags?? I'd love to hear about your Hosting & Toasting DIY's!

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  1. Cute idea! I'm always in charge of the name cards for Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner so I might be giving this one a try this year.

    1. Thats awesome! I love decorating the dinner table for the holidays! I'm always looking for new ideas also! Save up those wine corks!!

  2. Cute table settings for the names! I do the names for thanksgiving and christmas most of the time in my house. This is a neat one, I may use. :)


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