Friday, August 29, 2014

Home Office {post grad}

Alright, Alright. You're past your college days and you want something a little more..... "sophisticated" a little more how I like to say "big bad college grad". I know I've been posting a lot of back to school lately but hey, it is that time of year right? Why not {i know i've got some college readers out there too!}

This one is for all of my fellow college grads like myself.  Whether you work from home, or you are a blogger like me and want a little inspirational corner for your writing and creativity - Here's a great home office space that I've been loving lately. {Full Disclosure: This featured space from The Everygirl is an amazing post including not only once home office space, but 3! Check out this post to see more details on how to style a desk 3 ways!} And here's how to take it home with you!

Look for Less: post grad home office

Shop this look for less:

I can honestly vouch for the desk lamp and the old school clock. I swooned over them til I finally gave in and bought them and they are perfect for my bedroom! On another note, the white elephant and the cheetah print pillow... I'm coming for ya! Which items will you be adding to your wish list?

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