Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dorm Room DIY

As most of the schools have already had their move-in days by now and students are settling into their dorms or apartments for the school year, I know everyone is gearing up for classes to start. {who's excited!?} The start of a new school year was always so exciting - You're finally back and reunited with all your best friends, whether you're preparing for recruitment as a freshman going through rush, or a sister prepping to welcome new members, or you're really excited to start finally taking classes that actually apply to your major - There is one thing everyone has in common. The living experience.

Dorm/ apartment living can be tough. Miles away from home, you don't have your bed, your walls, your bathroom and you feel like you're missing a piece of home. Here are a few DIY projects that can help you gear up for the new school year and make your room or apartment feel a little more you!

1. Colorful Table Lamp || Turn a thrift store table lamp into a fun lighting feature on your desk with bright punch of color. Spray paint the base with your favorite color spray paint and make that old ornate lamp a little more interesting.
2. Washi Tape Letters || Not so great with a paintbrush but want to be crafty? That's okay! Use washi tape to create fun patterned letters and initials to hang on your door or sit on your desk!
3. Chalkboard Drawers || Sick of seeing all of your clothes through those cheap plastic drawers? Use chalkboard paint to paint the faces of the drawers and have custom labeled drawers for all of your things! This is a great idea {i wish i did this in college..}
4. Brick Bookends || Using 2 bricks {preferably without holes} take a can of spray paint to the bricks and add your touch of lace, fabric or glitter to create fun and inexpensive bookends.
5. Washi Tape Pinboard || Spice up a cork board with washi tape and create a fun way to pin up your photos, notes, and more!
6. Painted Mason Jars || Spray paint a few mason jars to sit on your desk and hold all of your school supplies. This tutorial is great and easy to follow.
7. Lilly Pulitzer Wall Art || Don't throw away your old Lilly planner just yet - Use those old prints and patterns to hang on your walls! Tear out those pretty patterns and put them in frames to create a photo gallery wherever you need a punch of color.
8. Daily Dry Erase Board || Turn a photo collage frame into a daily calendar by filling the frames with scrapbook paper that has the days of the week written on them. Buy the perfect frame here.
9. Lamp Shade Photo Display || Wrap twine around a lampshade to create a modern twist on the bulletin board.


  1. ok where was this post when i went to college back in 2006?!

    1. I know right?! Im thinking of making those brick bookends for myself even though I'm graduated!

  2. I'm with Amanda - seriously could have used this type of post (or pinterest!) back then


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