Thursday, May 29, 2014

Party on Wheels {IKEA Hack}

Furniture hacking is when a piece of new furniture is immediately refinished or repurposed for better use. Why not right? Most commonly done with Ikea furniture due to the inexpensive cost... and of course the broad range of furniture they have. Well this project has been a long time coming. I'm so excited to finally show you all my Ikea bar cart hack!

Let me start off by saying this BYGEL Utility Cart from Ikea is only $29.99. Yes, that's right - I said $30.  You can get it here. Next, Once I got it all out of the box - I took my gold spray paint to it. Unfortunately I work full time during the day so I painted this after work {essentially in the dark} and there are no pictures of the painting process. I promise you it's very easy though!! The best part about Ikea products is that they come unassembled. Once you take all the pieces out of the box you just need to spray paint anything and everything that's 'silver' metal. Then once you've sprayed, sealed, and dried - follow the directions and assemble it! Ta-Da!
You might notice that I have a nice little wine rack where I can hang 4 wine bottles under the middle shelf... this is where I like to think my creative genius came into play. I took the VURM 4-wine bottle rack {painted that gold as well} and had some help with attaching it to the underside of the middle metal shelf. Note to self: this was pretty difficult and I suggest having someone with experience help with this. Drilling metal screws through a metal shelf & then cutting the ends of the screws.... Difficult. Definitely not my area of expertise, I like to stick to spray paint!

Now, to decorate & make it look pretty in your space! Mine is sitting in my new kitchen with grey walls and white marble floors. This bar cart fits perfectly into my new space! Enjoy!
Evelyn Henson Bar Cart Print

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  1. This is SO cute! You're creative girl!

    1. Thank you!! I love Ikea products - There's so much potential with even the cheapest of stuff they have! xo,

  2. Really nice! Love the white and gold combo as well as your cheerful styling!


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