Monday, May 12, 2014


Have you ever wondered what that perfect shade of citrus green was called?  We all know the exact shade I'm talking about - its not too aggressive, but not too dark that it has an awful brown undertone.. Just the perfect shade of lime green. Well, if you never knew the name but loved the color, let me enlighten you.

Chartreuse. {shar-troos} Yes, I took that one from
One of my all time favorite colors. I understand that it might take a lot to get used to, and some of you might not like the look of it, but I promise it'll grow on you. For those of you on the fence, let me convince you:

Desire to Inspire

I also really love this pop of chartreuse in the sofa - it's such a bold furniture choice. Visit my Citrus Pinterest board here to see more! What are your thoughts on this bold color crush?


  1. Hahah I learned something new! If only I was confident on how exactly to pronounce it!

    1. The pronunciation is always tricky!! It's one of my favorites though! Thanks for reading along! xo,


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