Thursday, May 8, 2014

Inspired by

Today I'd love to share with you something that i've been loving lately. I recently saw a herringbone brick pattern being installed on an apartment building that is being built in uptown Charlotte. Right smack dab in the city, across the street from the new BB&T ball park {the home of the Charlotte Knights} After seeing that beautiful herringbone pattern scaling up the side of this building I couldn't help but notice it everywhere.

Like I've said before - I find inspiration in everything and anything I see on a daily basis. I take as many mental notes as my mind can fit,  I even snap pictures or make sure to note it in my notepad on my iPhone. Here are some herringbone floors I'm inspired by...

Decor Pad


Daily Dream Decor

The Marion House Book

Flickr {this is glamorous}


And if you are as inspired as I am.. This Old House has an amazing tutorial for you to try your handiwork with!


  1. Love, love, love! Good find!

    1. Thanks!! Someday I'll have a house with herringbone flooring in it - I can dream right? xo,

  2. wow this is so pretty! Herringbone is a new favorite pattern of mine!

    1. Thanks Helen! I bet you'll start noticing it everywhere now like I am! xo,


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