Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Geometric Patterns

Trend Alert: Geometric Patterns
I know we all love patterns, especially geometric patterns. So here is today's post. I'm sure when you think of geometric patterns your first thought [for most of you] is.. CHEVRON.


Yes? No? Well, it was a good guess because chevron is one of THE BIGGEST design & fashion trends right now. You probably have an item or two [or five] in your closet with a chevron pattern. And it's even seen in interior design, sometimes good [sometimes not so good]

The real question today is - [How much is too much?] & [How to mix geometric patterns properly] Let's start out with TOO MUCH.


Are you dizzy yet? Here's some geometric patterns used the right way

Like what you see? I've even included where to find some of these items and their "look-a-likes"

[3] | [4]
yellow pillows [similar] | rope lamp [similar & similar]
[5] | [6]
striped rug [similar] | striped duvet [similar] | headboard [similar]
[6] | [7]
pinstripe duvet [similar] | aztec pillow [similar] | shower curtain [similar]