Monday, August 12, 2013

Fashion Inspired Design

Take a minute to think about your Pinterest account. I'm sure most of you have a style board titled "My dream closet" or "My style" [or something more clever, but along those lines..]

So I'm sure we all know those boards are filled with images like these:

Am I right? So now that I have your mind on fashion, take a look at this little number I put together:

I'm hoping that you're now catching on to the color scheme for today's post. One of my close friends [and now fellow charlotte resident] is dying to revamp her bedroom and has asked that I help her out with this one.

Her two requests:
[Reuse most of her decor and items in her room now, just switch it up a little]
[Navy color scheme without making it seem too nautical]

This came together pretty quickly for me considering the amount of time we spend shopping together, and not to mention the nautical navy striped Michael Kors bag that she found at TJMaxx and couldn't let go of  [I convinced her not to buy it and she's still dreaming about it] So, when she asked me to put something together for her and then added that she wanted navy, all I could think of was that bag.

So, there it was - Navy stripes. I needed to add another color to take away from the oh so nautical aspect of Navy & White stripes, so I resorted to thinking about clothing and fashion. I asked myself.. [What colors would I wear with navy and white stripes?] With a little searching on Pinterest, [pinning a few hundred fashion images] and some online window shopping at my favorite local stores [west elm & target] I had managed to put together a bedroom that wont break the bank, and fits all of what she's looking for  in her bedroom. [Not to mention how many overly excited comments and text messages I got back]

[Target] Chair | Throw Blanket | Pillow [without monogram] | Picture Frame [for custom monogram]
[West Elm] Duvet Cover | Pillows