Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror Mirror on the wall.... Well, thats what the storybooks say. Speaking of mirrors; Today's trend alert will have plenty of mirrors on the wall but they aren't just for hanging anymore. Here's some inspiration on just a few of my favorite ways to use mirrors.  Some unique and some traditional. Mirrors are easy to find at almost any store, so why not use them creatively??

This Mid-Century Modern look is not so Mid Century anymore. This look is easy to achieve with an inexpensive full length mirror.  Just hang it the other direction and use it to frame a piece of furniture.

Mirrored furniture is a unique way to bring mirrored accents into your home without hanging your typical mirror on the wall.  This small mirrored chest of drawers is also doubling as a nightstand. It brings out the black trim in the bed linens.

Talk about oversized... This oversized mirror brings a neutral colored room to life.  The "blah" effect that is always associated with browns and neutrals is no more with all the light that bounces off of this focal piece.

On the complete opposite side of oversized mirrors, this wall features a variety of small mirrors.  Imitating a photo wall it creates a shabby chic feel to the arrangement and entire room.

Did you know that mirrors are a good way to make a small room look larger?  This is an optical illusion that is also created in this bedroom.  The fully mirrored walls create the illusion that the room is a lot larger than it's actual size and the antiqued mirror brings in a warmer light than a crisp mirror. 

Decorative mirrors can come in all shapes and sizes.  This decorative mirror adds a little more flair to this bathroom than a basic vanity mirror would have.  

My favorite type of decorative mirror right now [along with most other people] is the timeless sunburst mirror. You can find them in all different shapes, sizes and price ranges.
And if you want a little more variety to choose from check out the selection from Better Homes and Gardens!

Want to see more mirror trends? Check out my [Mirror Mirror] Pinterest board for unlimited inspiration! There's even a few DIY Mirror ideas in there!

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