Monday, December 30, 2013

New Years Eve Glam

Hello Hello! I'm sure by now everyone knows that Target is my go-to store. Or, [my main bitch] as I like to call it.. That store literally has everything. Find one with a supermarket in it and you've just hit gold.

And, As we all know the big day night is around the corner... [NEW YEARS EVE]
[Insert Annie "Tomorrow" music here]

No matter what your plans are, I'm sure you can't help but stop by for a few last minute things. Why not check out my NYE glam picks and maybe grab a little somthin' somethin' while you're at it.. Not to mention I got my NYE dress at the golden store we like to call Target. Proof that the store can fill up your bar cart, fridge, host a dinner party, and dress the hostess all at the same time.

And when I say [a little somthin' somethin'] I'm talking about my these:
NYE Glam

On a side note, I have the black and gold Nate Berkus Pillow and I'm obsessed with it. Feel free to click around and use the bottom images for more information! Happy Shopping!

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  1. I would mind having that drink shaker, the candle holders or the pillow!


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