Monday, December 16, 2013

Tabletop Trends: Christmas

Let me take you back a minute to my thanksgiving post on Tabletop Trends.
Alright, now that you're caught up.. lets get started with the Christmas version of that post.

Entertaining seems to be a prerequisite for the holidays. Whether you're hosting your family's Christmas feast, or you're just having a holiday dinner party with your girlfriends - Here's a few tricks and tips that'll have everyone noticing the table! [not to mention they'll notice your craftiness]

 Use extra ornaments to create a unique centerpiece like this.

 Spray paint pine cones for a centerpiece.

 Have extra boxes laying around that your not wrapping presents with? Wrap them up anyways and place them on the table as another type of centerpiece.

Speaking of extras... Wrap some candles up with candy canes and ribbon for table settings.

 Paint everyone's name on an ornament and use them as name tags for seats & place settings.

Turn wine glasses upside down and tie holiday ribbon around the stems for a simple place setting.

 Modern & Traditional ways to hold silverware settings.
[1] Cut a tree out of construction paper or felt to hold silverware
[2] Tie up a napkin and silverware with festive ribbon or twine

Already have plans for the table? Tie some extra large ribbon around the chairs with a bow in the back to make them more festive for the holidays!

For more ideas check out my [Winter Wonderland] pinterest board.  It has everything you could possibly think of for holiday decorating!



  1. I really love that idea of painting names on ornaments as place settings! So cute :)

  2. Thanks Lindy! It's my favorite from the post! It's such a simple thing to add to the table and gives dinner parties or holiday gatherings that special touch!! XO


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