Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mix and Match

Today I'm sharing a little peek into one of my new favorite spaces in my house. Simplifying the gallery wall and isolating it to a singular photo ledge gives you the ability to change out picture frames and artwork with minimal effort. And if you're anything like me and are completely indecisive then this is the perfect concept. I can tell you for a fact though... the one item that is not changing from my photo wall is this beautiful custom painting. Let me introduce you to the The Painted Elephant. The creative mastermind behind The Painted Elephant and a local to Charlotte, Alysa Wayland is truly an amazing artist. My ginger jar painting should say it all {similar painting here}

I finally took my love of ginger jars to my bedroom, bringing in the whites and blues found in the  timeless chinoiserie jars with an Anthropologie twist. I've paired this beautiful painting with a variety of frames in different sizes and materials. Combining wood, ceramic, and painted frames {and a touch of gold} create the mix & match/ anthro feel that we all know and love. I also mixed both photos and artwork with the painting to continue the look I was going for.

Alysa could not have done a better job with this painting - the use of bright colors and the depth and light perceived with brushstrokes just blows my mind. I can't help but think of it as a combination of Lilly Pulitzer meets Andy Warhol... and I LOVEE both, especially Andy Warhol. {there's the art student in me coming out} Below are the images that I shared with Alysa when we were discussing what kind of painting I was thinking of for this space. I'm sure by now we all know my love for ginger jars, and some of my favorite paintings of Alysa's are of her beautiful hand painted blooms. I sent her these images thinking that I could combine the two and she did not disappoint.

Alysa's artwork is available on her etsy shop, she also offers custom signs and artwork perfect for baby showers, wedding gifts, or personal gifts if you want one for yourself! 
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