Wednesday, December 3, 2014

9 Ways to Use Metallic This Christmas

ways to use metallic decor for the holidays - christmas

It's that time of year again! The holidays are here... I know I said that last week {and probably the week before} but they are really here now! Thanksgiving was a much needed time for relaxing and spending some quality time with family and now December is here and it's time to decorate! And what more do I love than to decorate. I'm so excited to have my own christmas tree this year, posts on that and all of the fun things I'm planning for the holidays will be up soon! But for now, how about a few ideas on how to use metallics in your home this Christmas/ Holiday season? Here are 9 great ways to use metallic this year:

1. Prop Gifts - Don't leave the underneath of your tree bare until Santa comes to town, wrap a few unwanted boxes with some pretty metallic paper and ribbon and set them right underneath the beautiful tree for display.

2. Table Settings - Having the table set nicely isn't only for fancy dinners and get-togethers. Set a few place settings for some  added decoration in the dining room or kitchen and add some metallic chargers or ribbon around the plates.

3. Pinecones - Pinecones are easy to find up and down the holiday aisles this time of year. Grab a can of metallic spray paint and you could use a handful these in a vase for display or string them to some twine for a garland.

4. Candleholders - Candleholders are easy to find especially when they don't need to be a specific material or color. Spray painting different shapes and sizes will bring in the metallic and bring in a unique touch to your holiday decor. Add different size white candles to each for added contrast. {See here, here, and here}

5. Ornament Displays - Mixed metallic ornaments or ornaments that are spray painted metallic colors - doesn't matter which. Lay them out randomly in a tray or vases to put on display. This would be great for a coffee table or dining table.

6. Wreath - The easiest way to bring metallics into a wreath during the holidays would be with ornaments. You can add them to a traditional wreath with greenery or create a handmade ornament wreath if you're up to the task! {super easy tutorial here}

7. Tree Ornaments - Add some metallic ornaments to your Christmas tree this holiday. This is a little more of a traditional approach but still brings that metallic splash into your home!

8. Stockings - Stockings come in all different colors materials and sizes now. Whether you want to branch out from the traditional red and white and get creative or just add a metallic monogram to it - this is another easy way to add some metallic to your space.

9. Votive Centerpiece - Like the candleholders, you can find an arrangement of votives that are already metallic and scatter them across a table as a centerpiece or find a random variety of glasses and glass vases and spray paint them metallic to all match. Tea light candles are easy to find (and buy in bulk) so you can spend a little more on the glasses and create a fun spread.

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