Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Favorite Finds

You most likely have browsed or even bought from H&M a time or two.  Clothes that is. Right? Did you know that they have a home section on their website? This is like urban outfitters style meets ikea pricing...and now you're kicking yourself if you didn't already know that. It's okay. Today's Wish List Wednesday is all about H&M's home items.

For a little preview of what to expect before you start clicking away and filling your shopping cart.. The home section of the H&M website looks a little like this: [All images are from H&M]
[Spring Essentials]

[Spring Essentials]

If it's your first time browsing the H&M Home section or if you just want a little bit of design style inspiration, here are just a handful of my favorites. I could do some serious damage on this website.. How about you? Are you an H&M fan?
H&M Favorite Finds

Shop These Finds:

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