Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Color Blocking: Not just for your #ootd

Happy Tuesday! As you might be able to notice from my past few posts, I've fallen in love with the challenge of turning a hot new fashion trend into a design style or theme. Well, today's post covers just that. One of the most recent trends I'm hooked on is color blocking - But it's not just fit for your closet.
And while you may be familiar with color blocking like this:
Have you ever thought of designing with the color blocking trend? Don't feel ashamed if you haven't because I wasn't even sure about it until I really thought it through. I Love the idea of the fashion trend but I thought it might be a little scary to commit to it with an entire room in mind. Have you ever had the issue where you can't decide on a color or theme to bring together a room? This, is the perfect reason to choose color blocking for design.
Take this teen girl's bedroom for example.  This isn't anything too extreme, but the mixture of bright, bold colors mix surprisingly well with the variety of patterns matched with them. I love how the two different sized stripes are brought together with the white bedding.
Hint: If you're nervous to mix patterns, try finding patterns with common colors to bring them together, the striped quilt and decorative pouf both have a dominant white base color.

If you want to try something a little more simplistic, try painting blocks of color on a wall to create an accent wall like in this girl's bedroom.
Hint: Use painter's tape to mark out your shapes before you paint!

And for anyone who's really feeling the trend and wants to take a risk with color, here is my challenge to you.  This is also a great opportunity for the DIY-ers out there!  Find a set of dining chairs and re vamp them by upholstering each one in a different color fabric.  I love this fun color blocked dining room, and the cabinet door hardware on each chair gives it an added hint of flair!
Hint: Use the same type of fabric in different colors to make this color blocking idea easier!

Add some bold stripes on the wall and you've tackled the trend!

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